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The Force is Strong with this USB Hub

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I am a USB addict, that’s a well-known fact. I have so many devices, I have to keep a handful of USB hubs on my desk at all times. I also happen to be a Star Wars fanatic, as well. What if I could mix the two together?! Well, I am now the very proud owner of a Darth Vader USB Hub from my friends at ThinkGeek!!!!

When we were just younglings, that breathy evil space-samurai used to give us nightmares. Now, though, Lucas has turned him into a simple misunderstood uberjedi with a few mechanical upgrades. Still, that lovable 7 foot-tall misanthrope is the coolest Jedi ever, and it was about time we turned him into a USB Hub.

480 MBps of digital connectivity in a simple four-port USB 2.0 hub sits on your desk, just oozing sithy malevolence. Plug in your flash drives, scanners, and other devices, and he’ll frighten you with those iron-lungs of his.

I am literally the coolest kid on my block! Heck, I’m probably the coolest one in all of Seattle! This thing is simple to operate, just plug it in and you’re off. The USB connecting cable is permanently attached, which is great. I’ll never lose it!

It just doesn’t get any Geekier than this. I am one happy dude tonight.

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