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Geeks can Dance!

Different types of dance seemed to be a common theme today when I was browsing around on both Lockergnome and Geeks. We had blog titles with the words Jitterbug, Rhumba and Cha-Cha in them! Don’t tell me Geeks can’t get their groove on! I happen to know for a fact that while I myself cannot dance, many of you can! My friend Andy, for instance, is an accomplished Swing and Ballroom dancer… and he’s a hard-core coder! How do you like those apples?

Can you dance? Do you just shake it in time to the music, or can you do fancy steps with difficult names? Do you step on your partner’s feet, or are you a regular Fred Astaire (or Ginger Rogers!)? Let’s hear it… we promise not to laugh!

Dance Dance Revolution

The first time I saw DDR in the arcade, I thought to myself: “Oh, now there’s a game I’ll never play.” I’m not much of a dancer, even in slower tempos (just ask Ponzi). Sure, I know where to find rhythm – it’s under the word “rhythm” in Google! Seriously, I couldn’t even get the jump timings on Donkey Kong right – what makes you think I could do some Dance-Dance Revolution thing with my real feet? Well, Ponzi wanted a DDR mat – so we got ourselves a DDR mat (with accompanying DDR Ultramix game for the classic Xbox). Even if I laid it out in front of the television for the next year, we’d still not use it as much as we’re not using it today. Anybody want a hardly-used Dance-Dance Revolution embarassment blanket? Seriously, I don’t want to hold onto my failed attempt at coordination any longer. I can’t dance. I can’t sing. I don’t want DDR in my home any longer. Please, take this thing away?