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Steve Gillmor is Coming out of Retirement

I’m so incredibly honored to have Steve joining us on the stage at Gnomedex this year. For a while there, it was looking as though he’d never leave his house again. Seriously, I started to get worried when he’d call and leave voicemails at three in the morning after mixing NoDoz with Attention.XML. I’m happy to report that he’s put down his NoDoz bottle and has seen the Gnomedex light once again – it’s that bright flashy thing that’s been drawing his “attention” for the past couple of years. Many of you might not remember me saying this, but Steve truly helped catalyze last year’s Gnomedex conference. Rumor has it that Dave and Steve will be having a contest over who has the fuzzier face. Ponzi is still recovering from last year’s rugburn. In all honesty, it’s great to have Steve on the dais. “On the dais, on the dais – oh oh oh, on the dais. C’mon and rock me on the dais!”

Susan Mernit

Confirmed Gnomedex Discussion Leader: Susan Mernit. I bet you were beginning to think that we had forgotten all about the female of the species (much geekier than the male, or so the song claims). We certainly have women in our dais, and I’m certain we’ll invite a few more of them on stage as the event unfolds. Ponzi has certainly made a few suggestions for female leaders, although so far (much like in years past) we’re largely receiving responses from the male candidates. Are we really going to be a Bizarro world BlogHer?