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Customize Your Jailbroken Device with DreamBoard

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Reza brings you tips and tricks to help you get the most use out of your jailbroken iOS device each week. Today, he’s discussing the DreamBoard app as an alternative interface customization for your jailbroken iPhone.

The debate over whether or not to jailbreak your device is often a heated one. Those in favor claim to want the freedom and control over their devices. Those on the opposite side of the fence rant about breaking the device’s warranty, not using it as intended and claiming that the person in question shouldn’t have bought that device to begin with. Personally, I won’t be jailbreaking my devices. However, that’s a matter of personal preference for me. I happen to LIKE the way my iPhone works, looks and feels. I think that jailbreaking is something that each device owner should be deciding – it’s not my choice what they do with their phone!

The DreamBoard app will let you easily customize the look of your entire phone. You can click the application to bring up all of your available themes. It’s super simple to let you switch between them. Changing themes with the click of a button does all of the work for you. Changes are made across the device as soon as you approve the change. It does take a couple of seconds to bring the application – and its changes – up, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

You’ll have all of the widgets and the feel of any one of several different devices, including an HTC. Give yourself a Facebook or weather widget – or any of the others available for your use. Place your apps and widgets wherever you like using DreamBoard.

One important difference between this app and Springboard is that you won’t have to restart the app each time you make a change. No more resprings are necessary! DreamBoard also includes a free copy of Endroid (the HTC theme) for your pleasure.

This app is not available for the iPad, nor is it recommended for the iPhone 3G, iPod 2G, or iPod 3G 8GB.

How to Jailbreak an Apple TV 2G

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You may have jailbroken your Apple iPhone or iPod touch, but have you thought of jailbreaking your Apple TV? Reza talks this week about doing just that. While you may be happy enough simply being able to access your iTunes content, you could be doing so much more. Jailbreaking isn’t for everyone, but Reza is dedicated to giving you the information you need to make a solid decision on whether doing this to your device is right for you. Are you getting the most out of the piece of hardware you purchased?

Reza’s Apple TV 2G is jailbroken using GreenPois0n. In order to perform this task, you’re going to need a micro USB cable. Unplug the power from the back of the Apple TV 2G and put the micro into the back and pop the USB end into your computer. Place the television into recovery mode by holding down the Menu and Play buttons together for about eight seconds. Once the little white light begins to flash, you will know you are in recovery mode and you’re able to begin your jailbreaking process.

GreenPosi0n will automagically ask if your device is the Apple TV. Once you indicate that it is – poof! You’re jailbroken. Seriously… it’s that simple. Once that process has completed, you can head into your TV and set up some custom mods and tweaks which will blow away your previous experience with the device.

The first thing you’re going to want to check out is NitoTV. This app integrates with your device seamlessly to give you a viewing experience like nothing you have ever seen before. The app allows you to play movie files in nearly any format you can think of. It even will support subtitles, which is something we’re all still hoping Apple themselves will do. NitoTV also lets you play your DVD content right from the disc, a ripped ISO or a mounted USB DVD drive. Heck, mount the ISO on your network drive and watch at your leisure.

You’ll notice that Reza has some seriously cool backgrounds on that baby. He didn’t bother grabbing anything from iTunes, of course. He used a little tool called Cyberduck. This is a fantastic FTP client for Mac OS X. Reza just SSHd into that bad boy, placed a folder in the root directory and told the machine to play those pictures as a screensaver.

Reza feels that the ability to use a Webkit-based browser puts the Apple TV on the same playing field as a Google TV. He can quickly surf the web and insert apps whenever he chooses with just a click of a button. He truly feels that by jailbreaking, the Apple offering can give its Google counterpart a serious run for its money.

biteSMS Texting for a Jailbroken iPhone

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This week, Reza is going to show you an app called biteSMS for your jailbroken iPhone. biteSMS extends your SMS text messaging capability with additional features like smileys, Quick Reply, Quick Compose, privacy mode, scheduled text messages, passcode lock, delivery reports, signatures, and more.

biteSMS can be a souped-up replacement to built-in iPhone text messaging, allowing you to send messages via your mobile carrier as you normally do. Beyond being a replacement, you can buy credits and send messages via the biteSMS network, which makes SMS during international travel more affordable.

Reza brings you tips and tricks to help you get the most use out of your jailbroken iOS device each Thursday.

How to Use Voice Activator on iOS Jailbreaks

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Reza’s weekly video is going to show off Voice Activator for jailbroken iOS devices. Several websites have touted this app as the “best Cydia tweak ever.” Voice Activator is a new tweak by chpwn which allows you to take full control of the Voice Control feature of your iPhone or iPod touch. Launch apps, open URLs, use Activator actions: it’s all included within this one tweak.

This app is available in the Cydia App Store under the Big Boss Repo for the cost of $4.99. Although this may seem expensive, it’s definitely worth your time. Voice Activator opens up a lot more voice functions than what you will already find within your device – it gives you Android-like full systsem voice control!

Use it to open and close apps, perform system functions, launch web pages and create custom actions. It’s easy to install and will make you wonder how you ever functioned without it.

Thanks, Reza, for another great episode in the jailbreak series.

Which Apps Do You Use on a Jailbroken iPhone?

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This week, Reza is going to show you an app called SBSettings to be used with a jailbroken iPhone. He will be bringing you tips and tricks to help you get the most use out of your jailbroken iOS device each Thursday.

SBSettings will move your important toggles directly into Springboard where they are always available instantly – even while other apps are running.

The app doesn’t come with an icon. Simply swipe the status bar to bring down the main menu window. In the app settings, you can change the way you bring up the SB Settings window. Change it up to suite your needs.

Using this app reduces the total number of apps and pages that you need to go through to do things such as turn 3G on or off. You won’t have nearly as many swipes and clicks to get to where you need to be. Who doesn’t like it when life gets easier?

Switch Tasks Quickly on a Jailbroken iPhone

RMalayeri is going to be bringing you regular screencasts each Thursday to talk about different things you can do with a jailbroken iPhone. This week, he is showing off Multiflow, an app which brings Expose-like functionality to iOS. It will set you back a mere five bucks through the Cydia store.

This app is a replacement for the standard iOS multi-tasking view. With Multifl0w, you can “explode” all of your open apps, just as you can on your Mac computer. There are several different ways to set up this app to customize it to your liking.

Multifl0w shows all open apps (up to 9) on the same screen, for easy and quick task switching. The tabs are re-arrangeable, just drag an drop!

Thanks, Reza, for an excellent beginning to our new jailbreaking series.

Top Ten Cydia Apps for the iPhone

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Alex submitted this screencast to tell all of you about the top ten Cydia apps for the iPhone. These are apps that you can use on a jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch.

  • Lock screen customization – This allows you to choose what notifications you want to see when your phone is locked, from unread text messages to the weather.
  • Winterboard – This app gives your iPhone or iPod Touch a graphical overhaul!
  • SB Settings – Move your important toggles directly into Springboard where they are always available instantly even while other apps are running.
  • Notify Pro – This allows you to have notification tabs that you normally wouldn’t have.
  • 3G Unrestrictor – By adding this to the list of exceptions, you will no longer have to be connected to WiFi to do things (such as FaceTime).
  • Safari Download Manager – Allows you to download files right within Safarii.
  • iFile – SSH on your phone instead of having to access your computer.
  • Folder Enhancer – This tweak allows you to do folders inside of folders, allowing you to have a lot more apps.
  • TetherMe – Allows you to use your phone to tether without having to pay twenty bucks per month for the AT&T data plan.
  • MyWy – This lets you have a WiFi hotspot using USB or Bluetooth.
  • InfiniDock – This allows you to have more than four icons in your dock and scroll it from side to side. You can put as many icons as you want and choose how many you view.

What are your favorite Cydia apps?

Thanks for the excellent screencast, Alex.

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