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iPad Accessories from Cyber Acoustics

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I love this iPad case so much that I’m going to give it to one of you. It’s the one I’ve been using on my iPad. I happen to have a replacement for it from the folks at Cyber Acoustics. They were blown away with the traffic you guys gave them, so they sent me a red one to replace this black one.

This leather case is not for everyone, I know. Many of you would prefer that it not be leather. That being said, this is a very, very good iPad cases. I use a LOT of different iPad cases, but this is simply the best one that I’ve tried.

It serves as a low angled prop for great comfort in typing mode, or as an upright stand to sit back and watch movies and video clips. There is felt on this inside. There are bands that hold it in place. It’s shock absorbent – seriously. I’ve dropped the iPad a couple of times and I have no troubles.

I love the way this sleek little case looks. It’s sleek and gorgeous. I enjoy being able to hold it in a couple of different ways, and stand it up in a few ways. It doesn’t look cheap – or feel cheap. It doesn’t matter that this was sent to me as a review unit… I mean what I say.

THIS is the case that Apple should have made.

If you want my Cyber Acoustics iPad case, leave a response in the comments thread. You can also tweet the URL for this video, or leave a comment on Facebook. As long as you leave a note somewhere about this video, you’ll be eligible to win this case.

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