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Clear-ly Bad Customer Service

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Yay! Finally, I’ll be able to… wait. No, I can’t. The Rover Puck (running on Clear’s service) isn’t working for me, and their customer service is nothing short of a joke.

I don’t know why, but I seem to be having the worst luck with technology lately. For some odd reason, everything I touch seems to stop working near-immediately. And you know me – I’m about as gentle as they come!

You can’t always count on having access wherever you go in the world. I plucked down some serious dough to buy the Rover Puck to make sure I’d have an access point with me. This device promises to keep up to eight devices connected to a 4G network. However, I am pretty disappointed in the Puck. During the first 24 hours of the 48 hour free grace period, I wasn’t able to get online at all… no matter what I tried.

The Rover company is actually Clear – in Rover clothing. Clear is one of the worst consumer electronics companies on the planet in terms of their dastardly customer service options. Clear makes it nearly impossible to cancel any type of service with them – and charges you an arm and a leg to do so. Rover claims to have a month-to-month contract, which seems nice on the surface… IF you can even make it work.

I can’t recommend this product, folks. I just can’t do it. Not only are they a Clear company, they’re using a proprietary cable. That’s another rant in and of itself, as you know. Setting aside the fact that the product won’t work, I cannot in good conscious tell you to try something out that has such horrible support behind it. In order to give the Puck a fair chance at doing what it should, I hopped into a chat with these people. That was a painful experience.

Well, so much for the idea of connecting to a 4G / WiMax network.

How You Handle a Problem is More Important than the Actual Issue

This is a guest blog post written by Seth David, the brains behind the new Small Business Productivity Tips eBook.

If you have worked in any customer service capacity then you have been in a situation where you had to handle a customer complaint.

One of the things I have learned in my almost 40 years of life is that MOST people are not really paying attention to themselves or their reactions. What this translates to when we are having dialogue with one another is that people react. Very few people really exercise much control over their reactions. The reality is that if we all learned to take a deep breath before we respond to people, our interactions in general would go much better. Since most people are not paying attention to themselves and how they are reacting, they tend to be easy to manipulate. I’ll give you an example. Not too long ago, I was driving home from a nice dinner at my friend Adam’s restaurant. The way home is mostly all on one very long street where there are some stretches of open road with no lights for long distances. As I was heading home in my 2004 Toyota Solara, I noticed this guy in a new Mustang driving in the other lane. I was feeling good. While I know there is no way I can beat him in a race, I thought I would amuse myself a bit at his expense. I blew by him before coming to a light. Turns out my expectation proved to be true. He was easy to egg on J. Sure enough – as the light turns green he takes off with maximum velocity! I just slowly accelerated as I was cracking up in my car. Later o,n I caught up with him and he just waved me off with a look of disgust on his face.

So how does this translate with people and in terms of direct verbal interaction? More than likely, whatever you give off is what you are going to get in return. For example… on the customer side of things I have learned that I get much further by politely explaining my frustrations to the customer service person. If I can gain their sympathy then I have an ally on the inside who will work for me and help me get the satisfaction I am looking for. When I call up irate, screaming and threatening people I do not get an ally. I get a very reluctant person who frankly wants to do whatever they can to get rid of me.

When someone comes at me in an aggressive manner, my natural response is to get defensive. No one likes to be told they made a mistake – and no one likes to have it pointed out in that manner. I am not, however, locked into responding based on that initial gut reaction. I can take a second, breathe, and then calmly respond to the person by starting out with something like:

“I can see you’re upset. Rest assured I am going to do everything I can to bring you satisfaction as quickly and painlessly as possible.”

You haven’t even agreed with the person. You have merely stated the obvious and told them you are going to help. This usually calms the person down right away. Like I said earlier, people are easy to manipulate – and manipulating people isn’t always a bad thing. In a case like this it is the best thing you can do. Calm them down so that you can better understand what their frustration is and work with them to resolve the problem. Once you have calmed them down you have already won! Most people in these cases just want to be heard and they just want to be made to feel like someone cares. In fact the majority of people who complain are looking for just that and nothing more. Many times, the complaints are frivolous and really are in fact a waste of time.

When you remember it is not about the complaint and it is about how you react to the complaint, then it no longer matters what the complaint is.

As someone who runs a business, I have found that by handling complaints in this manner I have been able to take the complaint and turn it right around into a selling opportunity. How? By becoming the person’s ally I just became their hero and opened them up to being sold on a product or service – especially if I can offer them a product or service that addresses the very issue they were complaining about. Then, since they were complaining I offer them a “good faith” discount.

I have personally experienced this: Even if I couldn’t get the satisfaction I was looking for when I was complaining to a company about something, as long as I felt like the person I was dealing with was trying to do everything they could to help me, I was satisfied and my faith in them was either maintained or restored.

Here are some more reasons not to get defensive. It uses up a LOT of energy. It is so much better to be wrong and move on than to spend a ton of energy on being right – especially when the other person is not likely to ever be convinced of it. If frees me up to focus on more interesting things. My very top client in my business today came to me not too long ago and complained that some things were not getting done as timely as he would like. This guy tends to be a whiny little baby (no joke) and my initial reaction was to respond based on that. I didn’t. I waited and calmly contemplated what I really wanted out of this. In the grand scheme of things I like working with this guy, even though at times he can be a pain. So when I thought from the point of view of how can I be of service, instead of trying to defend my company and make up excuses for why he was being unreasonable (which is what we are all doing when we get defensive), I thought about it and came up with the perfect win/win solution. I offered that I could check with my staff and see if she could devote more time to him. I went on to offer that maybe 2 days/week instead of one would do the trick. He agreed and graciously thanked me, while I just doubled my billing! Nice work!! It was a much shorter conversation and it was much more profitable on many levels compared with what would have happened if I “defended” myself and my staff member.

Pay attention to your reactions and gauge your responses, not necessarily in accordance with your reaction. You will come out a winner every time. If only more people got this!!

You can find Seth on his website or on Twitter.

Are You Too Polite?

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An article on The Consumerist discussed customer service reps that are infuriatingly polite that they make you scream! Would you rather have an overly polite rep or a person who can just get to the point?

Lamarr has some very definite opinions as to how a customer service representative should act. Yes, they should be polite. However, they shouldn’t be SO polite that it makes you want to gag every time you have to call. They shouldn’t repeat every single word you say. Just tell me how to fix the problem, already!

What do you think? Have we as a society become so jaded that it drives us bonkers when others are actually polite and kind?

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Did Apple Forsake Its Community

My friend, Matt Gamboa, was denied the ability to purchase an iPad at a Seattle-area Apple Store – simply because he was trying to use a legitimate Apple gift card (at that time). Surprised? So was I. Read his message to the local media (largely unedited)…

As you may or may not know, Apple, the mobile device manufacturer, did the absurd thing of denying a customer trying to purchase an iPad with cash. I had the same experience right before this story ran, except I was trying to purchase [an iPad] with an Apple Gift Card.

The unbelievable thing that first comes to mind is the fact that Apple already had my money. I had received the card as a birthday present two months ago, more than enough time for a transaction to clear starting from the bank account it originated from to Apple’s tracking system. The idea of a company not accepting payment with money they already have is extremely absurd.

The reason I’m writing to you is because my story extends off of the poor lady’s story on not being able to purchase. The original story was put out on Monday, May 17th via KGO and extended through CNN. I had put myself on the waiting list (that all stores keep) at the Bellevue Square, Washington store. This day was the same day my iPad arrived. I walked in, like the lady in the story, excited and expecting to be able to pick up my iPad which had taken about 2 weeks to arrive. There was a line, and I waited. When I finally got up to the counter, I was met with, “We don’t accept gift cards for iPads.” Oh, the obscenities running through my mind!

I was caught off-guard, and so I didn’t say much then except the shocked, “What do you mean?” response. After walking out, I came back in and asked a floor person why they don’t accept gift cards and they answered with, “I don’t know. Corporate locked us out. You can use it online though.” Now, pay attention to this “I don’t know” answer because it plays a big part in Apple’s disconnect between its stores and offices.

Here is my update on Apple’s sketchy way of doing customer service. Flash forward to Thursday, May 20th. Apparently, the story got noticed by Apple’s execs, and they decided to reverse the “no-cash or gift cards” policy and now you can pay with those methods. Great! Not so much for me, though – because when you reserve an iPad, you have 24 hours to pick it up or it gets released to the next on the list. This means my iPad got released on Tuesday, a day or two before this lame policy was reversed! You know what that means (more obscenities running through my head).

This is where it gets good. Naturally, the first thing I did was contact the Bellevue Square Apple Store where this whole frustrating dilemma started. I called them at 9:30AM sharp right when they open. I didn’t expect my iPad to be there anymore, but I expected to be treated better given the circumstances. Going into the call, I was expecting to receive only one thing:

The ability to purchase an iPad immediately with my gift card.

I mean, I deserve that – don’t I? I explained my situation to the first Apple Store employee, Jonathan. He was quite calm, but it was apparent I was not going to get anything out of him. He told me that they couldn’t give me an iPad that was in stock because it was on hold for other people who reserved it after I did. So, I asked to talk to a manager.

This lady (Laurie) was calm at first and gave me a nice tone until I started fighting for my situation. She basically told me the same things, and all she could do was add me back to the waiting list… at the end of the line. She could not advance me to the front of the line because the list was “auto-generated” and she had no control over it.

(1) She should have control over it. She’s the store manager; if any business wants to satisfy customers, they need to be able to have flexibility around all things customer-related! This locked-out reservation list is one of those things [they should be able to adjust]. If you order food and it comes out raw, the waiter won’t say: “We can’t cook more food, the order which food is cooked is auto-generated and we have no control over it.” If corporate controls that, then there should be some corporate representative I can talk to. I don’t want to be put at the end of the list and wait another 3 weeks. I want it NOW because I should have had it two days ago!

(2) I caught her agreeing with me on a plaguing reality about Apple Store and Apple Corporate’s communication barrier. I brought up that it seems the Apple Stores have no clue about policies and what’s going on with their products. When I was in the store, I asked when the next shipment would be in. They responded: “I don’t know, whenever it arrives is when it arrives.” I asked why I couldn’t use an Apple gift card at an Apple store, and they responded, “I don’t know, corporate locked us out.” And even in this call, I asked why she couldn’t move me to first in the list, and her response was, “I don’t know, the list is auto-generated.” How can any store wish to please its loyal customers if all they ever say is “I don’t know!?”

I put myself on the waiting list again. I had also ordered [an iPad] online after I couldn’t buy it in-store, but this will take another 2.5 weeks to be shipped. That could be another event in and of itself.

What was my timeline?

  • I waited 2 months for the iPad to be released (got the gift card on my birthday in March).
  • I waited another month for the iPad 3G to be released.
  • I waited another 2 weeks for the iPad to arrive in-store based on reservation.
  • I have to wait another 2.5 weeks if I keep my online order.

Four months just to get a product because of nonsense policy? I own a 13” Macbook, iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle, and used to own an iPhone (until it broke). I’m a loyal customer, I deserve more than being slapped in the face with this hassle.

And so ends Matt’s tale… for now. What do you think?

How to Survive Being an Assistant to a Porn Star

Geek!This is Amber93’s submission for the HP Magic Giveaway. Feel free to leave comments for this article as you see fit – your feedback is certainly welcomed! If you’d like to submit your own how-to, what-is, or top-five list, you can send it to me. Views and opinions of this writer are not necessarily my own:

For the past five years, I’ve had a very unusual job. That of scheduling appointments for porn stars so that their fans can meet with them on a one-on-one encounter.

(1) Repeat to yourself, over and over and over again, the following phrase: Escorts do not sell sexual acts for money.

You might be chuckling to yourself and thinking, “Who is she trying to kid?” But no, the truth of it is that (at least if you’re in the USA) prostitution is illegal in most places. And THEY are the ones who sell certain acts for money where you cue up the “Bow-chicka-bow-bow” music. But escorts sell time for money. You know, kind of like how lawyers, therapists, and those kinds of people do? The rates are probably not very different either. This is an extremely important fact to remember when answering the phone to schedule appointments. And that is what leads us to…

(2) Anticipate some of the stupidest questions you never could have thought of yourself.

Let’s face it: what you’re doing is essentially the same as any other customer service job – or you might compare it to Tech Support, in a way. Only techies get people who can’t understand the basic concept of copy and paste. What you’re putting up with most of the time (in my case) is men who are smart in many circumstances, but the moment they are calling you, the blood isn’t flowing into the brain (it’s headed in the other direction, shall we say). These men must be reasonably intelligent to command the salaries they have to spend on this kind of entertainment, right? Well, sometimes you would never know it.

Among my favorites:

  • “Will she do [insert fantasy explicit action here]?” This is one question that can NEVER be answered straight. Otherwise, you’re breaking rule #1. Send ’em to the review boards, that’s what they are THERE for. So, you don’t have to answer any uncomfortable questions about activities where you are supposed to remain ignorant.
  • “Why do I have to give you my personal information? I want this to be discreet.” Although we understand that a lot of men who want to hire someone for companionship are married / engaged / otherwise trying to keep a low profile so no one knows what they are up to, don’t even bother trying to get around this. Why? Because it’s DANGEROUS for a woman to meet a strange man and not know who he really is. I mean, come on!
  • “Can I get a freebie if I let her use me one of her movies?” Go ahead, laugh. I’ll wait. Okay, done? Right. I have honestly received this question a handful of times over the years. Not only does this guy think he’s going to hook up with a woman from adult movies, but he wants to be IN adult movies, and figures he’s doing HER a favor so she should be open to putting out in front of a camera with him (who has NO experience whatsoever in that kind of work) and putting up with him for FREE? Let me just burst the bubble for you right now, gentlemen. Working in adult movies is not just a lot of fun and games – it is actually HARD work, and you’re expected to PERFORM. At least when you hire a companion, what you’ve paid her to do is act worshipful and doting on you for that time. In front of the camera, all bets are off because it’s no longer about you. Sorry to squash your dream of being the next Ron Jeremy.
  • “If all I want to do is talk to her or have her show up at my party can I pay less?” Nope, sorry. According to Rule #1, you’re paying for her time, not what happens during that time.

Anyway, many more stupid questions will come up, but as some are very explicit in nature, I figure this isn’t the best medium to post about them. I do however, sometimes post these under a NSFW filter under my blog at Livejournal.

(3) Be prepared. You will deal with LOTS of drama.

Thankfully, MOST of the time, you will not feel like you’re in some kind of reality series. But there will be days. Being an adult entertainer is a high-stress job. Guess who gets the backwash? Yep, the assistant. And if it isn’t drama from the entertainer who you work for, it will come from the fans / interested parties / spouses of these guys who weren’t careful enough. You will get odd calls at all hours where someone is flipping out trying to remember what time a flight was into the next city where she is touring. You will get calls from men acting like they will flat out DIE if they can’t talk to the person you work for RIGHT AWAY. Or, you’ll get the guys who book an appointment and then call EVERY DAY leading up to that appointment, not quite getting that you’re the only one answering the phone. Oh, and disgusting prank calls left on the voicemail. Occasionally, the wife who calls, very upset about what she found out her husband was doing, and since you were a party to this YOU get to bear her wrath. Nevermind that the guy never told you he was married and you didn’t ask because you’re not supposed to.

(4) Also be prepared to be treated like you are a Phone Sex Operator

Chances are, he called up the number he saw on the ad, thinking that it was a direct line to the woman who will be doing the actual meet and greet, not the assistant who does all the work involved in arranging said meet and greet. But it doesn’t matter – he’s already got his hand busy and any voice will do at this point. Lucky you. The best thing to do, I’ve found out, is get very direct. “Look, did you want to schedule an appointment?” — if he didn’t, he’ll just hang up on you. Or if he’s STILL trying to see if you’ll use your naughty bedroom words over the phone with him he’ll say “Yes, I do, I just need some questions answered first.” (Yeah, those would be the ones I didn’t list in #2). HANG UP. This will go nowhere good and you’re not getting paid for this kind of work.

(5) While we’re at it, be prepared to be asked all the time, “What about you? Are you available? What are your rates?”

Yeah, I know, I should have listed this under #2, but it really deserves a category on its own because it will be asked more than any other question. And it’s not really a stupid question emper se/em, because sometimes professional companions travel together or work all under one girl who is also a professional companion but does the bookings. So, instead, it’s best to just state very plainly that no, you only work for the lady he called about seeing, you take care of the business part, and she takes care of the fun part. Of course, this can very easily lead into the questions I mentioned in #2, when for some reason that’s not enough of an answer and the person on the phone thinks if he throws enough money at you or keeps asking, you’ll change your mind. I have had a few callers get so hostile on this particular subject that it led to me hanging up on them, realizing they were not at ALL someone I could schedule for ANYONE if they were that angry that one woman said “No” and so he saw it as some kind of personal rejection.

(6) Learn to be a master (or mistress) of damage control

Remember rule #3? Yeah, that leads to this. Flights are missed, schedules are changed at the drop of a hat, emails get sent to the wrong people, deposits are “not received”, oh – and if someone is having an exceptionally bad day, then you might just be the whipping post for it. And throughout all of this, you have to keep your head on your shoulders and notify any concerned parties if there are schedule changes or cancellations as a result. And put up with the fallout that could result when if someone really had their hopes up, only to be dashed because you are the bearer of bad news.

(7) Try to stay on top of whatever the latest technology is that you have to use in your work

This could be anything from knowing what the latest app is that the webmaster is using on the site with all the info (you know, where people SHOULD be reading instead of calling you and asking you all the questions and wasting your time?)… so you can walk people through using it – to keeping up with the best way to catalogue your contacts and your records of who you’ve booked in the past. It saves a lot of time and effort if you just keep up with it as you go along rather than having to backdate things every now and then (believe me on this one because I’m guilty of breaking this rule, A LOT.)

To wrap this up, I just want to state that the people I’ve worked for in the past 5 years have been wonderful. None of them are the stereotypical coked up, air-headed drama queen b*tches who you would think they might be. They’ve been some of the most beautiful, intelligent, funny, and down-to-earth women I’ve ever been blessed to know. Many of them care about their fans and go out of their way to make pubic appearances at trade shows and charity events so they can meet their fans. But they are also great businesswomen and have realized what their time is worth and just how to make a man feel special when he decides to spend the required funds to have that sort of time. I’ve really enjoyed this job so far and I’ve met a lot of wonderful people through it. It’s definitely been a different kind of learning experience!

I also realize that while this might not be your run-of-the-mill geeky sort of post on how to do something, I figured it might throw some clues to people should they ever consider seeking out a companion as to what the lowly assistant has to put up with. So don’t be “that guy” who gets himself in a hall of fame for posing a question that should go under rule #2. Also, I composed this to share a little humor about my work as well. Hopefully you found it entertaining and amusing.

How to Speak with a CSR / Customer Service Representative

Geek!This is Kate Rawlins’s submission for the HP Magic Giveaway. Feel free to leave comments for this article as you see fit – your feedback is certainly welcomed! If you’d like to submit your own how-to, what-is, or top-five list, you can send it to me. Views and opinions of this writer are not necessarily my own:

I think I’ve grown wiser as I’ve grown older. Not that I’m old, because we all know that 60 is the new 40! But, as a Baby Boomer, I’d like to pass along some pearls of wisdom I’ve learned along the way. I’ll try not to lecture or rant but you’ll notice I’m not without fault, so please bear with me.

We’re not all perfect (you’ve heard that before), but tolerating life’s annoyances is one of those lessons you should learn. You can skip over this pearl – but you may not be able to skip over the CSR person you’re speaking with when trying to straighten out an issue with a bill, a dispute with the cable service, or anything having to do with a utility company.

Yelling, speaking faster, speaking over the person, cursing, or threatening may help, but both you and the CSR will undoubtedly have high-blood-pressure-headaches at the end of the conversation.

My advice? When, after you’ve chosen what language you’ll be speaking, you’ve punched in all the numbers asked of you, and you’ve waited for 27 minutes or they’ve responded so quickly you’re unprepared and still gathering up the paperwork you need, you finally do reach a human, do not speak first, wait – wait until the rep acknowledges you. Jumping down the rep’s throat will not help. You should have been taking advance of the wait time by doing your taxes – duh.

Do not utter a word to the CSR until they ask you for information.

Right here, right now, you’re allowing them to bring up the right account, giving them a breather so they can collect themselves from the previous obnoxious caller, providing them with the time they need to focus on your call and on your account – which is what you want, after all.

After a few more formalities, the rep will finally ask, “How may I help you?” This is what you’ve been waiting for: your opportunity to “bear with them.” Immediately ask the rep what they need to know from you about your issue, wait for their response, and then, this is the hardest part of all:

Continue to allow them to run the show.

Yeah, I know it’s giving up control when you’re the one with the problem, but keep in mind, that the rep is probably sitting in a boiler room with a million other reps, staring at a blank template on a computer screen, and all the rep is doing is asking the questions to get answers to fill in those blanks. While at the same time, wondering why you can’t give just them the info they need, in the precise and prompt manner they’re requesting it, so they can process the form, sort out the problem, and then move along to the next caller who has been on hold for that 5 to 9 minutes of wait time.

Now, if none of this works to your satisfaction, just ask to speak to a supervisor and start the entire process over again, and do not even think of contacting me. Fill in the blanks correctly and you’ll pass Go. Incorrectly and – take it from an East Coaster – you’ll be put on hold quicker than a New York minute.

Learn to bear it – and I never used the word GRIN!

How OEM's Respond to Customer Calls

The following email was sent to me in response to a discussion in our live chat the other night. I wanted to share it with you, and hope it provokes thought for you.

“I’m a technical toad so I sit in on your ustream when I can. Thanks for so much insight into all of the toys and technology in such a unique way.

I happened into the stream the other night when you had Ponzi’s mom on a live call regarding her horrific ongoing experience with her “carousel” of calls. Having worked in a call center for Boise Cascade Office Products, I’m so familiar with her anguish. My email is three-fold here so bear with me if I get a bit “wordy”…

As “call takers”.. most are logged into a “tote board” which reveals calls being taken, those being held waiting for a representative and calls dropped by just “giving up”. Most of the representatives that were engaged in “difficult problem sharing” were usually called into the office for “spending too much time on one call” and their “reviews” would reflect this as a “minus”. Rather, we learned that if we wanted to keep up with the payroll increases or even keep our jobs… we had to literally SPEED THRU these calls, leave a short note in “screen 7” as to the resolve of the issue while the next call came in. Screen 7 automatically would forward thru encoding to the department for their follow up. So you see the “carousel” spin round and round with no concern for the customer and certainly no brass ring. They eventually write off their loss as their time is more valuable than waiting on hold…. OK Nuff Said…

2nd “fold” for my reason to writing is that when I tuned in… I also stuck around to listen to what you were saying about the PEOPLE that owned PCs really don’t account as “important” to the OEMs. I had to totally agree. For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been trying to revive my circa 2002 Gateway 450 SX4…. which kept freezing, jamming, dropping connectivity. I tried my hand at reformatting and it seemed to work… for 1/2 hour… then again the issues came back… Needless to say… I reformatted 6 times totally. Loaded items one by one and waiting… so far so good… This problem kept repeating itself even after scanning the disk time and time again to verify it was in good order… All checked out.

So the internet search began… I so cannot buy a puter right now… (caregiver to a friend with terminal cancers has led me to leave my job to be here for him). I did find in a forum somewhere.. that overheating can cause my issues… all of the Windows Updates from restoring with disks from 2002, literally was cooking my poor lappy. I LOVE this lil thing and scoured for something affordable that didn’t have VISTA on it. (Reasons I’m sure you understand not to go Vista)

At any rate.. after researching “cooling pads” I’ve lifted my laptop with a stand by Rubbermaid $14.00…. placed a thin quirky fan that is designed to slip onto a windowsill (Clearance $2.25) under the stand and I’m BACK!!!!! WOOHOOO WHAT A RIDE!!! I know I’ll have to replace the HD soon but for now, my window out of the cancer ward is OPEN.

3rd and final fold is this… I had to go to Gateway’s tech site to learn how to remove and change out the HD and MOBO Fan… and although I learned Gateway had been acquired by Acer, thinking I now had a product from an “extinct species”.. was THRILLED to have a pop up from Gateway asking ME to fill out a survey about their website!! I just completed this survey and wanted to tell you.. there IS an OEM out there that CARES!!! GO GATEWAY!!!

Just had to share this with you while I listen to your “Unboxing the Time Capsule” segment… there IS a God!!”


How to Get a Customer Service Human

http://live.pirillo.com/ – The customer service industry has really been in a downward spiral for a few years now: when the majority of people complain about the lack of actually support, you know something is wrong. What's worse is that many times you can't even get in touch with a real live operator. Instead, you're stonewalled by a voice-activated or touch-tone menu system.

Thankfully, GetHuman.com tells you what numbers you can call and what steps you need to take to get in touch with a human being. More importantly, they actually grade the customer service. Sadly, most of the customer service scores and D.

What do you do when you need to get in touch with a human on the other end of the line?

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