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Are You Tired of the Same Old Search Engine?

Daniel is a community member, who also happens to work for MSE360. He sent me the following email:

MSE360 uses several API systems and a custom crawler called Fred to provide a unique search experience. Unlike nearly all other search engines currently on the market, MSE360 combines Web, Wikipedia, Blogs and Images into one easy-on-the eyes design. This in turn results in MSE360 being able to provide users with a much quicker way of getting the best information from the Internet.

MSE360 contains an Anti-Spyware feature powered by StopBadWare. When a site is hosting Spyware or something else the user won’t want to install, we warn them. The warnings show next to the result. We find this will help users be safer when searching. We plan to have user submissions at a later date.

The 3-column layout. despite having much more content. still loads very fast, and that’s an extremely important aspect of the search. We need search to load fast, and we’re looking into more methods to speed up the search engine results.

Another unique feature is the community results. These are links that the community that uses MSE360 thinks are important. For example, if I searched for Google Browser I would find that a user has submitted the Google Chrome website. Because this is the right result for me, that community result will stay at the top. We hope the addition of user-submitted results will make it that bit more relevant. After all robots aren’t as bright us Humans… yet!

Over the coming months we plan to add much more in the sense of community search. Users will be able to design their own custom modules for the search engine. We plan to launch a voting system similar to what Digg has next week. We’re still young, but feature-wise we’re growing fast. The majority of users we’ve surveyed preferred our alpha stage search engine to Cuil. The difference is that we’re not going to lie when it comes to marketing. We’re not a stage yet where anyone working on MSE360 can say ‘We’re perfect’, but slowly we plan to make it an extremely powerful search engine.

We’re also very certain on our Privacy policy. We don’t want the users being spied on. After all – without them, we’d be nothing. For this reason, we store nothing on our servers. We’ve got a lot coming soon, and I hope users keep updated with the barrage of new features we plan to release. That being said, search is still search. Users want to get to other sites, some search engines forget that.

Have you tried out MSE360 yet? What are your initial thoughts, and what feedback can you give to Daniel so he can take it back to his team?

Cuil – A First Look

Much controversy has surrounded the release of Cuil. Bloggers have lashed out at the problems they have come across. So, I decided to ask some friends what they think.

Seems to me that everyone’s missing the original value proposition of Cuil. Their original claim was that they were going to build a search index at 1/10th the cost of what Google has produced. Has anyone asked Tom or Anna at Cuil what their actual index/search costs are? I’m not surprised that Cuil’s search results are poor. It doesn’t appear that they have anything special in terms of a Page Ranking algorithm at this point, but that really doesn’t matter if they were able to achieve an index/search at 1/10th of Google’s cost. If Tom & Anna achieved anything close to this cost savings I’d think that they would be prime picking for Google, Yahoo, Microsoft. At this point, if Cuil can demonstrate an up-to-date index that scales to Google’s level at 1/10th the cost, then I’d think Google or others would start taking a look at them. Based on what (little) I know about Anna and Tom, it seems to me that their strengths are in the area of architecture and index. Anna is all about the index, she built Archive.org – Jim McCusker

Right, but why not wait and make the service a little better and then announce themselves rather than do so prematurely and get a rather negative publicity? – Hayk Hakobyan

They had to launch something, even if it returned poor results. My point is that their value proposition is in the reduction of the size requirements for the index. If Cuil has achieved anything close to 1/10th of Google’s TeraGoogle index then they have a very valuable asset. – Jim McCusker

It is a nifty layout, but there are a few things I do not like. I have a difficult time finding my own domain even when I search it by name, The results seem random and unrelated, and finally why show a image by the results if you are not pulling those images from the sites themselves? It’s cool, and Web 2.0 looking, but I can not find what I am looking for on it. Strangely it is sending me traffic… I wish I could figure out what those people are searching to find me because I can not! -Brad – Brad

Jim, I understand the value proposition Cuil intended to bring forth. However, I still disagree as to why launch smth that gets so much negative feedback. No one expected Cuil to be equivalent or comparable to Google from the beginning – except perhaps media – but it could have been lacking certain feats but still returning truthful if somewhat lesser results. What it returns now has been called almost a random mixture of links, photos and other content. I like the design and idea, but that is all there is. – Hayk Hakobyan

I suspect that Cuil had a lot of pressure to launch. But also, my point is that I don’t think their goal was to be a better Google. Look back on the original articles in TechCrunch and elsewhere where the founders of Cuil were promoting their small index. My point is simple, if they did create a Google-compatible index/search at 1/10th the cost then they have something to sell to Google/Yahoo/MSN/etc… I’m waiting for someone in Silicon Valley to ask that question. – Jim McCusker

If it’s really about cost, lets just use the phone book. – Darian Rawson

What do you think? Is Cuil a success, or a big dream gone wrong? If you agree with many of these posters that it just isn’t “there” yet, what do you feel should be done to make it better?