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Blocking Skype

You aggitatin’ my dots? Turns out, Holland America is blocking Skype – wholesale. I went to download the VoIP client, only to be met with a message (on Skype.com) saying that it was blocked. I can only assume they’re blocking Skype traffic, too – considering they charge (no joke) over $7 per minute for voice calls from your room phone. It ain’t cheap to communicate on a cruise ship. I’ve got Google Talk installed, so I might try dialing through that in a few minutes – assuming they’re not going to cut in on the call. So much for recording a conversation with Pluggd from sea.

Alaska Cruise Tips

Alaska Cruise Tips

  1. If you don’t have kids or grey hair, you’re in a minority.
  2. They will feed you until your stomach explodes; pace yourself!
  3. Cruise ship “Classes” are nothing more than sales pitches.
  4. If you can’t get a suite with a verandah, keep saving your pennies until you can.
  5. Plan on doing separate activites from your travel mate frequently.
  6. It’s cold in the morning. (NSFW)
  7. Formal wear isn’t required, but suggested for a more complete experience.
  8. Recharge your electronics every evening, bring spares.
  9. Don’t plan something for every minute of every day.
  10. Get to know your staff; be kind to people and they should be kind to you in return.

And, of course, do you best to line up a ship that has an Internet connection (though I doubt I’d be able to use it much if I wasn’t able to find Pluggd as a sponsor). Maybe if I keep my thinking cap on long enough, I can extend this list to 50 general cruise tips I’ve picked up on my journeys at sea?