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Clean Text

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The community has asked me to do more videos about software. The biggest challenge is to find titles that most people may not have heard of. I also try to find things that are affordable and cross-platform. The other day, I stumbled across this software which is free – and cross-platform. What does it do? Perhaps the title of this video will help you figure that out!

CleanHaven will clean up your text. It’s not a text editor, so don’t mistake it for one. It’s not even a word processor. It’s a text cleaner. You can go through and change the case. Remove duplicates, show duplicates or show uniques. Fix spacing, columns, spelling errors, sort lines in several different ways, and even remove excess returns.

There are hundreds of things you can do with this powerful piece of free software. For example you can turn all company names to Sentence Case, all UK postcodes to Uppercase or remove any trailing spaces, tabs or punctuation. There is no limit to the amount of text that can be pasted. Simply set the attribute(s) you want changed, and tell the software to clean.

At some point, you’re going to need at least one (and likely many more) of the features inside of this software. You never know when you’ll need something like this. It’s free – and small in size. Isn’t it a good idea to grab it for yourself right now while you’re thinking about it?

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What Cross-Platform Freeware Games Can You Download?

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I was trying to play Capture the Flag. It’s a cross-platform game that you can get for free! You can battle with up to 16 players in a variety of game modes. Teeworlds includes Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag. You can even design your own maps!

No matter what operating system you’re using, you can play along. I asked you guys to send along awesome resources, and this is one of them! The graphics and audio are excellent, and the game is fun. It’s free and works on all platforms – so what more could you want?

Check out Teeworlds… maybe even set up your own Geeks server for all of us to play together!

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What’s an Alternative to Windows Explorer or Mac OS X Finder?

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Is Windows Explorer just not doing it for you? Maybe the Finder isn’t doing it for you, either. Or, what if the file manager in Linux isn’t your thing? Either you put up with all of these, or you download muCommander.

muCommander is a lightweight, cross-platform file manager featuring a Norton Commander style interface and running on any operating system with Java support.

Key features include:

  • Virtual filesystem with local volumes, FTP, SFTP, SMB, NFS, HTTP and Bonjour support.
  • Quickly copy, move, rename files, create directories, email files.
  • Browse, create and uncompress ZIP, RAR, TAR, GZip, BZip2, ISO/NRG, AR/Deb and LST archives.
  • ZIP files can be modified on-the-fly, without having to recompress the whole archive.
  • Universal bookmarks and credentials manager.
  • Multiple windows support.
  • Full keyboard access.
  • Highly configurable.

muCommander is here for all of you to use. Give it a shot and let me know what you think. If you know of an alternative that is just as (or more so) powerful as this, tell me about it!


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Todays' Top Five Geeks Posts

We’re about to come to the end of the first week of Geeks being open to the public. We already have well over 2000 members, and nearly as many posts! People are coming, and they’re sticking around to talk about anything and everything on their minds. Let’s take a look at five of the hottest topics on our forums right now.

  • 2001: The Worst Movie Ever. This is a blog post written by community member Juhachi, talking about why he was dismally disappointed in 2001: The Space Odyssey.
  • The Tainted Vista. This post by Chronidus details why he feels that Microsoft Vista has failed, and lays out his hopes for Windows 7.
  • Do Good Photographers need Post-Shot Processing? Jennifer incited a lively discussion on whether a good photographer should be using things like Photoshop, or whether that’s being untrue to your craft.
  • Do You Have any Really OLD Computers? Antibomber asked the original question, and the thread exploded. It’s very cool to see how many people have hung on to that old favorite machine… and how many of them still run!
  • Putting an End to Platform Lock-In. Once again, Matt Hartley delivers. Wouldn’t it be nice, as Matt puts it, to see “the day we can get to software being about the user and not the platform”? Amen, Matt. Cut. Print. Period.

So there you have it, just a few of the things we’re discussing right now on Geeks. Why don’t you join in one of them, or start your own today?

What are the Best Free Adobe AIR Apps

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Adobe AIR is Adobe’s entry into the field of widgets. It’s a better idea than just something on your desktop. Developers are able to create a potentially rich experience, and have it run cross-platform. Even though I think the whole Adobe AIR platform is quite ready yet, some of the apps that are available are truly getting there. I found a few of them that I think are pretty good, and I now have on my own computer.

  1. FotoBooth is an application built for fun where you can quickly snap pictures using your webcam. It offers a dozen different filters to distort your images and also integrates with flickr for one click uploads to your flickr account..
  2. iSpy uses your web cam to take a quick snap shot and save it to your local disk whenever it senses motion. If there is a level of motion that exceeds the sensitivity level, it will either take a quick snap shot and display on screen or if “Save pics to disk” is checked it will also save a copy to the user’s picture/iSpy directory.
  3. ReadAIR is an OSX Themed Desktop Client for Mac or Windows.
  4. PandoraBoy allows you to control your music with global hotkeys or your apple remote. Additionally, it supports growl notifications so that you always know what you’re listening to.
  5. ShrinkOMatic lets you resize photos easily. You can set size and ratio limits, change the output format, and then drag and drop your pictures.
  6. WebKut allows you to feed it a URL and you can snapshot it. It will save the page out as a .PDF file with just a couple of clicks of your mouse.
  7. Clevr is a seriously easy way of creating and sharing panoramic photos. It not only helps you create stunning panoramas, but it also lets you turn them into interactive images that you can move around and navigate.
  8. CL Desktop is a user friendly way to browse Craigslist. Setup just the right searches to find what your looking for, and save them for instant access anytime you need. CL Desktop is an application that runs on your desktop to bring you a better view of Craigslist postings.

So those are just a few of the applications available for Adobe AIR that you might want to check out if you haven’t already. What other AIR apps do you use and enjoy? I’d like to hear about them.

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What Cross-Platform Software do you Need?

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You guys know that I’m a cross-platform Gnomie. I became addicted to software at a very young age, like many of you. I found myself floating between operating systems more often, and looking for developers who created software that was workable no matter what environment I was in at the time.

I recently found a need for a renaming utility for Mac OS X, because the batch renaming utility is pretty lacking, especially in comparison to Vista. I happened to come across PublicSpace online. On their site, I found A Better File Rename. Better yet, there’s a Windows equivalent! They have a few other utilities as well.

One that I’m really excited to talk to you about is called MacBreakZ. This is only available for Mac OS X, so no luck for Windows folks at this point. What this will do is run and remind you that you need to get up from your computer and stretch or take a break. It even gives you examples of different stretches you can do. Their tag line is “Making Healthy Computing Fun”.

Computer-related health problems ranging from eyestrain, headaches, neck, wrist, elbow and back pain to more serious Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI), including carpal tunnel syndrome, writer’s cramp, tendonitis, etc. are the result of inappropriate computer use.

MacBreakZ offers a unique way of acquiring ergonomic skills that can save you a lot of discomfort and shield you from serious health and career-threatening injury.

I’m always looking for new software I can test out, especially if there’s equivalents for more than one operating system. Feel free to pass along anything you think I might be interested in checking out.

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