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I Hate Wet T-Shirts

It’s 200 degrees Farenheit in Seattle today – which is about 130 degrees higher than our normal temperature. Our house was an oven when we walked into it late last night, as it had been completely breezeless for three full days. I’ve been puttering around, taking care of random tasks – but it’s next to impossible to concentrate when your skin is about to melt off your body. You’ve gotta understand: Seattle homes aren’t built for this kind of weather. It’s hot – damn hot. When you blink, you sweat. I’ve had my shirt off (yes, preparing for Rent My Chest 2.0) for the past couple of hours. Ponzi just handed it back to me, soaking wet and wrung dripless. This is supposed to lower my body’s core temperature by about 10 degrees – and I certainly needed it. However, I hate wearing wet clothes – which is why you’ll never find me hanging out at water parks or beaches. Bleah.