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Why Do You Have an Appendix?

Today I kept up the stream of silly questions on the Facebook fan page. The community seems to have been having a lot of fun answering these random little snippets that I come up with, and it’s fun for me to read the answers… usually. I have to admit that some of them are TOO racy or “icky.” When that happens, I resort to using the almighty “delete” button.

One of today’s questions was “The reason we have an appendix in our bodies is…” I loved the answer that had to do with cavemen. Someone quipped that we only have them to help doctors get richer. But the best comment by far had to be: “It’s like the end of one of those little balloon animal balloons that didn’t quite get filled up with air. It just hangs there useless and droopy. Sort of like Rush Limbaugh’s brain, only bigger.”

Now that is funny. What amused you today?

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Are Geeks Friendly?

I recently glanced through a forum post on Geeks, where the poster was a woman talking about how Geeks are usually mean to her. She admits that she isn’t a technology Geek. While she does enjoy things like her MP3 player and cell phone, she’s not very knowledgeable about the products, nor how they work. She has felt ostracized many times over the past months in different communities, after being called a n00b – or worse!

We aren’t mean, are we? Sure, we don’t have many social skills, but overall I like to think we’re nicer than most people. Sure, you’re going to get trolls, idiots and jerks. But that happens no matter where you go. I don’t think that Geeks have it in us to be flat-out mean to people!

Am I way off base here? Have you ever felt as though a Geek treated you badly in a social situation? Share your wisdom with the rest of us!

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