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Are You Ready for the Holidays?

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and Christmas is but a few weeks away? I was aghast yesterday when I walked into a store that was playing Christmas carols… until I realized what the date was. Holy crap where did the year go? I haven’t even started to think about holiday shopping yet, never mind actually DOING any shopping.

After I had my little panic attack, I sat down to check out what was going on around out community. Low and behold… people are talking about the upcoming festivities. They’re figuring out what to cook with their turkeys, and what the hottest new gifts are for this year. Geez I’m way behind, aren’t I?

I was happy as hell to see that the holidays aren’t the only thing that people are chattering about. Thankfully, I found many interesting and informative blogs and threads on a huge variety of topics to keep me busy… and to get my mind back OFF of the holiday season. I’m just not ready quite yet!

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CompUSA vs Best Buy

I still remember the first time I walked into a CompUSA – it was in Des Moines, Iowa. For the first time in my life, I felt like a store had been made just for me. Granted, I couldn’t afford anything inside (but that wasn’t the point).

Best Buy satisfied several needs at once – entertainment, computing, etc. Remember when they had an aisle full of minidiscs sitting across from the cassette tapes? Those were the good ol’ days.

Can’t say I was surprised to hear that CompUSA was closing its stores – it’s always been overpriced, and I don’t remember ever being completely keen on their brand (over all others). Mind you, I took a winter job at Best Buy once (and was almost fired from that position when I refused to sell Packard Bell machines).

CompUSA Irony

I hit the Bellevue CompUSA a few weeks ago, just to see if I could snag any deals (and wound up scoring 20% off a business-class Linksys Gigabit Ethernet wireless G router which I’ve yet to install). This weekend, Ponzi and I spotted a sign for a 90% closeout sale on software still on the shelves – so we stopped by and found… nothing.

Click the image to see a larger version of the sign. Ironic?

Some pundits might argue that this turn of events was due to a market downturn, or increased competition. I’d argue that CompUSA pwnd itself. Like I said before, they were far from the cheapest option in town – and I’d only use them as a last-ditch effort, or when I needed to get something and it was convenient.