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Facebook App for Communities with Game Mechanics

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Hopefully you are already a member of our Facebook community. There’s not a doubt in my mind that it is a community within a community. People are interacting like crazy. There are good things being shared and discussed, but I’m wanting to take that a step further, as I talked about in a previous blog post.

I’m looking to work with an app developer to come up with something unique for Facebook. I feel we need an app for our community – and others – which will allow us to have a zeitgeist app that lets us see the latest things being done by YOU in our community.

I want to know the top commenters and posters. I want to know who is the most prolific. The app has to be a free one. I know I need a tool like this. I know what it should look like, how it would work and what should go into it. However, I cannot pay a bajillion dollars to have it developed. I wanted to throw this out to the community and crowdsource an answer.

Think about using this in YOUR community. Have this zeitgeist as your main page, instead of your Wall. It’s something that would surface the intelligence of the community and introduce game mechanics. It would allow you – or anyone – at first glance to see who is active on any given page. It would be nice to have this information. Surfacing those types of statistics would be pretty awesome in my mind.

What say you? Are you a developer who can help?

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