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The iPhone is Going to Kill

So, here’s what my brother (who wants to start blogging at some point) had to say about Apple’s iPhone:

This is one of the coolest pieces of technology to come out in a while… it’s like having a mini-laptop in your hands. The ultimate media device. The catch? Cingular has the rights at this point in time (they have the worst wireless phone service). If Apple had any brains, they would get this product in the home of every American family. After 6 months of exclusive rights to Cingular, they should release an iPhone on Verizon, US Cellular, every wireless provider.

If Verizon got this phone, I would find a way to buy it… takes the place of a phone, iPod, portable DVD player, Internet and email station. Oh, let’s not forget the 2 megapixel camera built-in.

What’s next? They are going to have a phone that does all of this – but then you can project an image on a wall and hook up a small keyboard and mouse and use it as a laptop, run Photoshop and Illustrator, or catch up on your spreadsheet work while in a airport.

My brother Adam isn’t a geek – and he’s never written to me about any other device (from Apple or any other manufacturer). It’s not even out yet and I already hate the iPhone… largely because someone else didn’t make it four years ago. Seriously. Apple gets the consumer in ways that no other company ever will. It makes my new Smartphone seem so… ancient.

Talk about Talking

Remember, I’ve been almost completely incommunicado for the past couple of weeks (inadvertently and intentionally). I mixed metaphors in a recent entry, but I hope to redeem myself in this one. Minutes after whipping up my communications communication report, Vik Dendi blasted me a URL with a screen capture of the potential iPhone device. It’s the first semi-legit presentation I’d seen of Apple’s alleged entry into the telecommunications arena. “Many functions. No buttons.” Sounds interesting, but I gotta say that I’ve always disliked (to an extreme degree) any phone that lacked tactile feedback. When I want to mash “5”, I don’t want “4” or “44” or “45” or any other digit series! Then again, I argue that an input device is diseased if it doesn’t have at least two buttons and a scroll wheel.

Skype is the Anti-Christ

Skype vs. Gizmo vs. Vonage

I think Skype is an amazing product. I’m recommending that all my friends and family members start using *pwing* kskll f kaslkk fllaklk. LFilial liflk kdlalk lal lfllfal alla lallkl lala aaa kdllak slkal alkalk a lka kal lakklkla lkalkll allall kkllal llalkkal alkala lla al alallakal akkalks alls alks alkk s skkslla ssslka lksa lk lksalklka slkaskkslak klsalklk klakslksa.

Hello? Did you see me okay? Can you read this? I’m trying to use Project Gizmo to *pwing* gwbw w gb wgbbwg wbg wbg bwgbb wbgbwbgw bw g bwgwbbgwbgw wg bwgbwg w b gw bgw bwgwgw bgw bgw bwg bwgbwgwgwb bgwgwwg bwg bgw bgw bgw bgw bwgwbgbwb gw bwg bwgwg bwg bwg bg bwg.

VoIP is revolutionary. It’s changed the way I communicate with everybody. Vonage is just *pwing* hufd uhdfhudfhudh uh uhdufhuh ufdhudhfuh uhfduhdfu h huhdfhuuh f dhufhudhf uduhdfu hudhf hudfhud hfduhu fhdhuhf uhfduhuhfu udhfuhdf huduhf.

Source: Skype.com
Domain: VoipTruths.com

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