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The World's Funniest API

Sean Hickey has created an amazing workflow for both Brad and myself in bLaugh comic publishing. In doing so, he’s also created a WordPress plugin for the comic (found on his own amazing WP Plugins directory). It’s Sidebar Widget compatible, BTW. I thought it would have been nicer to see bLaugh show up on my Admin Dashboard page – but this’ll do for those who don’t wanna dink with the JavaScript stuff. No matter, I’ve updated our comic syndication page (which now includes MySpace options).

In other (semi-related) news, bLaugh is the world’s first comic to have an API. Yes, you can download the bLaugh API documentation (PDF) immediately. Sean conceived of and crafted it himself, telling me that REST functionality is coming. I couldn’t do that, largely because there’s no REST for the wicked (and I’m a wicked, wicked little man). Plus, I’m not a developer.

Is This Offensive or Funny?

Okay, so… Brad and I released this comic on bLaugh today:

Another Explosive Situation

Should be chuckle-worthy, though it wasn’t the original strip. I showed another image to friends, with some of them suggesting that we hold it indefinitely – and others suggesting that we run it immediately. If you’re offended easily, you don’t want to see this: the comic we chose not to run.

Did we make the right decision in not running the original version? It’s culturally offensive (playing on stereotypes), but so are countless political cartoons these days. I personally think we did the right thing by going with the ski-masks. Last thing I’d ever want to do is incite an interracial (or international) incident.

bLaugh is a Reader's Choice

For some reason or another, choosy users choose bLaugh. At least, that’s what the readers and staff of BusinessWeek Online report. We just received a “Best of the Web” award in the Humor category. I’d still like to see bLaugh pushed out and shared on more Web sites, portals, and print media. Who else won?

  • The Onion
  • The Joy of Tech
  • Rocketboom
  • gapingvoid
  • Go Fug Yourself* (tied)
  • Ze Frank* (tied)

I suppose this means they want us to do a parody of their brand. “BusinessWeak” sounds kinda funny, especially if we do a mock cover? Until then, I guess today’s bLaugh will have to do…

Naked Pictures of Anna Kournikova

The Great Political Cartoon Experiment

I’m going on record by stating that user generated content is often user generated CRAP. Still, that didn’t stop me from forcing Brad to publish today’s bLaugh with an empty caption bubble. We’re asking the audience – all two of you – to fill in the blank. I’m hoping that Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Whigs, and “Islamic Fascists” will be able to drop the debate for just a moment and make the world a funnier place…

Lieberman Hacked!

My suggestion: “That’s the last time I install a patch issued by Homeland Security developers.”

RocketBoom Comic Outtake

Hey, if movies and television shows can do it, so can Web comics. Brad and I are having way too much fun with this, so if you didn’t already see our send-up to Amanda Congdon and Andrew Baron, you might wanna watch them Fall Down, Go RocketBoom. Didn’t take Fitz too long to whip up an outtake after a quick “you know what would have been funny” conversation…

…especially after three separate people noted that our comic style is very ‘MAD Magazine’ish – both in writing and in visual crafting. bLaugh, and the blogosphere bLaughs with you.


I was playing around with our new Web comic this evening. We launched the other day and are making fantastic progress with the gags. Steve Rubel wants a larger version of his strip, suitable for framing. Don’t know if there’s a market in that, but… maybe we should post larger and smaller images, too? I thought I’d check to see if RubelWithoutACause.com was taken, and it’s not. I kept playing with the GoDaddy search form and found several that weren’t taken (as of the time of this entry):

What I really want to know is if you subscribed to the bLaugh feed and tried it on your iPod or PSP yet? We’re looking for testers for those (and other mobile) devices.

bLaugh: The (un)Official Comic of the Blogosphere

I love to laugh – so now I’m preparing the world to bLaugh! Today, we’re launching the (un)Official comic of the blogosphere – colorful, satirical, and comical. Expect parodies of “A-List” bloggers all the way down to the meme of the day – no holds barred. Brad Fitzpatrick is bLaugh’s artist, and I’m the writer. The strip is exclusively sponsored by a single company, GoDaddy. We have a bLaugh feed for you to suck down – and we’ll rotate the daily comic image in a static URL to encourage deep-linking from anywhere (widgets, anyone?). Of course, all you ego-whores should be watching closely – because you’re likely the ones to be parodied on a regular basis. If you blog, or your name (brand) is getting tossed around in the blogosphere, you’re on our radar. That includes you, Hugh and Jacek (because we love everybody equally).