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Your Computer IS Infected

I don’t care if you’re using Windows, OS X or Linus – your computer is most definitely infected. The dangerous thing is that you can become infected, as well. You wouldn’t go around rubbing your fingers all over a public toilet, would you? Charles Gerba, a Microbiologist, has concluded that every toilet seat has about 49 germs per square inch. Your keyboard, however, has nearly three thousand of the little buggers within every square inch. Why the heck are you still touching that thing?

You cannot avoid these germs, but you can definitely prevent them. There are a ton of inexpensive anti-bacterial products on the market which will not harm your computer equipment… use them. It will only cost you a few bucks, which is much better than several hundred dollars spent at the doctor.

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How Do You Cope With the Common Cold?

Over on Lockergnome, LucaGTech wonders how you cope with the common cold. The answers are actually quite varied. You’d think that in this day and age, we’d have the medications or technologies to help us get over this annoying malady quickly. Wouldn’t it be nice to sneeze once, take a pill and be completely fine within hours? Being sick is not only annoying – it can really mess things up in your life, as well. It’s very difficult to pull out of a hole when you get behind on work (or classes) for several days due to being ill.

My assistant Kat happens to be extremely ill right now, and she’s doing everything in her power to get better faster. She visited the doctor to get proper medications for the Bronchitis. She’s resting as much as possible, is taking vitamins and eating as well as she can. However, she has to let the illness run its course. The same thing happens with a regular old cold – you have to wait it out. Some people will tell you that there are different home or homeopathic remedies that will lessen the severity and length of a cold. This isn’t exactly rocket science, and none of them have been officially proven. If they worked 100%, none of us would ever sneeze again!

How do you deal with things when you get sick? Do you resort to OTC medicines? Do you rush to your doctor? Do you lock yourself in the bedroom and hide under the covers? Make sure you do your part to prevent the spread of germs which cause colds and other illnesses: cover your cough and wash your hands frequently – please!

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How to Use a Neti Pot

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My entire life, I’ve dealt with being stuffed up. I’ve always had problems with my ears, nose and throat. When I started stuffing up recently, I decided to take a new and drastic approach. I wanted to try something I had seen on YouTube, that supposedly really works… a Neti Pot. It looks weird and awkward, yes. But apparently, it works! My friend Imei came over to watch and laugh, and to hold the camera for me.

You know, this is touted as a miracle cure of sorts. It unclogs your sinus region, allowing you to be able to breathe freely. This saves you from needing to take medications, use nasal sprays, or walk around miserable. Hey, if I can breathe again, then I’m all for it!

Of course, I bought the proper type of salt that is made for the Neti Pot. You do NOT use regular table salt. Good lord, can you imagine?! Ewww. That would burn! I also have some Sesame Oil to lubricate the nasal passages, warm water, Kleenex to blow out the excess gunk. You’re supposed to use a full pot for each nostril, but I decided to take it a little easy my first time out.

It was very strange, for sure. I couldn’t help but laugh through it. However, I have to admit it… it works. I feel much less congested than when I started. It’s possible that I need to redo it, and I plan to. The Sesame Seed oil didn’t burn or smell bad. It apparently will keep my nose from drying out too much.

I recommend that you think about trying this if you have problems with your sinuses like I do.

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