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CNN Blogger Bunch: Windows 7 and Hulu Subscriptions

I was recently featured on CNN live website, along with my buddies Pete Cashmore (from Mashable) and Brian Chen (from Wired). We had a great time discussing things like Windows 7 and the announcement of Hulu subscriptions. It’s an interesting roundtable from the three of us self-avowed “Mac” guys, who all have extensive Windows experience.

As I stated during the discussion, I believe the operating system is becoming irrelevant in the days where everyone logs in to their computer, and immediately opens a web browser.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you feel as we tune more and more into the Web that things such as actual operating systems will become more irrelevant?

Social Media: Twitter Road Trip Interview

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I had the great fortune of sitting down with the guy from Twitter Road Trip recently. We had a great time, as you’ll see in the video, and covered many interesting topics. Even Wicket and Pixie got into things with us!

We discussed the live stream, and how everything came about. I kind of stumbled into that, just like I’ve always done with everything in my life online. We also talked about my Gnomedex conference, which has been around for nine years now. That’s longer than many people have been online – and longer than the term “social networking” has been around!

We then started talking about CNN. They approached me about doing something with them last year, after seeing the live stream. I do a three minute technology review each Thursday evening, and am now the Tech Consultant for them, as well!

You know we had to discuss Twitter, and the whole Ashton Kutcher trying to get to one million. He didn’t send as much flow as I thought he would have with as many followers as he has. Ashton linked to a video of mine, and I was shocked to find out that I didn’t get much flowback from that. I see people who have a large amount of followers, but have no flow like that. They don’t get clicks, or re-tweets. But with our community, they’re just crazy about sending things out, clicking on links I share, and re-tweeting things they find impressive or interesting.

This goes to show that it’s not about the number of followers you have. It has to do with your gravitational pull, so to speak. It has to do with how much weight you pull. I work very hard to make sure that what I say has relevance (for the most part), and that I post something that is valid and interesting that will add value to my Twitter stream… and to my follower’s streams, as well.

Twitter has opened up a whole new world of communication and social media. Yes, it’s true that many people use it simply to say silly things like “I just ate a grilled cheese!”. But there are literally thousands of people out there who are posting interesting, thought-provoking content. Make sure you aren’t missing out. Be aware of who is on Twitter, and what they’re posting. Subscribe to people who may be interesting to you. It’s all about how you are interacting.

Personally, I think that the number of followers and following should be removed. Privately, it would be interesting to have those stats. But I think the public elimination of it needs to happen. It’s a bad metric. Twitter isn’t about how many people are following you. It encourages marketers and spammers, for one thing. And for another… losing those stats in a public way would put more value on the actual content, instead of the numbers themselves.

Towards the end, we left conversation about Twitter behind, and circled back to talking about me. Oh the joys! He asked what I like doing when I’m off-camera, and the answer is hard to put into words. My interests change and involve constantly. It keeps life interesting! I’m a boring guy, really. I was never into a bar scene, nor into sports or concerts. I live online! I don’t need much to keep myself happy and entertained.

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I’m Not a Slacker – Are You?

Seriously, I’m not slacking! I have been so busy lately, what with the new CNN gig and all! We’re busy planning Gnomedex, and doing a myriad of other things. I promise you, I still read the things you all are writing! I just haven’t had much time to sit down and share some of those links here with you. So, lets get right to the best of the best today in Pirillo-land!

Lockergnome Posts

Geeks Blogs

Geeks Posts

Yes, It’s True – I’m Now the Tech Expert on CNN.com!

You heard me correctly. Yours truly is the new Tech Expert over at CNN’s website! If you haven’t seen it yet, take a read through my article discussing DRM, and let me know what you think!

Chris that brilliant! The gig, that is. You are right about the pic….:) – WorldofHiglet

Congrats! – Anika Malone

Awesome news. Congrats man! – Thomas Hawk

Fantastic. – Russellreno

Cool, big time! Keep them from going left wing on tech reporting. – Douglas Hopkins

Congrats! I disagree with that article, but hey congrats anyway!! πŸ™‚ Yeah, that photo… yeah… it’s ok..but…yeah..you can do better πŸ™‚ – Bwana

Congratulations, Chris!!! – Lindsay: BFF w/ Eris

Congratulations! – Karoli

"This laptop is fast, full featured, has a great battery and HATES CONSERVATIVES WITH ALL OF IT’S BEING!!!!!" – The Other Brian (Norwood)

Congrats! – Hutch Carpenter

Congratulations – Kreg Steppe

Excellent!! Congratulations Chris! – Tracy Lee Carroll

And you thought I wasn’t participating in FF as frequently because I didn’t like you… πŸ™‚ – l0ckergn0me

@Norwood – I’m actually a registered Republican. πŸ™‚ – l0ckergn0me

Congrats Chris =) Perhaps we’ll be seeing CNN on FF sometime n the future? – Stupid Blogger (aka Tina)

Cha ching? You deserve it, bro. Go get ’em. – Josh Haley

that should help that MASSIVE new monthly expense eh? – andy brudtkuhl

wow, cool – congrats – Peter Efland

gratz Chris! – timepilot

Chris, that’s awesome! Congrats!! – David Finch

Congrats! – Dan Morrill

Chris, that was more a comment on DNCNN than you specifically. And, to me, it was funny, so I wasn’t gonna hold it back just because it might be inaccurate. – The Other Brian (Norwood)

Fantastic, congratulations! – Ginger Kenney

well done – Mattb4rd

How cool is that? Congrats Chris – Charlie Anzman

Nice! – Jennifer Leggio

Chris had to engage in hand-to-hand combat with Miles O’brien to secure this position. – Tad, Chosen of Eris

you have come a long way my friend πŸ™‚ – mike "glemak" dunn

Good job! – RAPatton

Does it pay anything? If not, turn it down:-) – Francine Hardaway

Congrats Chris, I can think of no one better – Aaron Krug

Congrats Chris – that’s great to hear, and you’re perfect for the job. – Jesse Stay

Congrats! nice! – mikepk

Yeah!!!!! CONGRATS Chris!! that is soooo cooool! – Susan Beebe

Awesome Chris … great news .. your famous – johnpiercy

Awesome to hear! – Helen Sventitsky

A better photo? Like this one? http://img185.imageshack.us/im… (sorry, had to. go ahead and delete this comment) – Josh Haley

OMG! BAD JOSH! I much preferred the one with Palin, didn’t know that one was out there πŸ™ – MiniMageFFungeonsNDragons

Congratulations on the gig and the article, both excellent. – Rubin Sfadj

Congratulations! Looks like they found the best! – Cheryl Allin

Congrats! πŸ˜€ – Ron

Brilliant. Just brilliant. – Phil Glockner

Congrats! – Igor Poltavskiy

well deserved, congratulations! – Rajiv Doshi

Awesome. Us geeks are taking over. – Mark Krynsky

Congrats dude!! πŸ™‚ – Eldon

gratz! – slayerboy

Article on FriendFeed forthcoming, we’ll assume. Yes, and congrats are in order. Nice one, Chris! – Pete D

Congratilations! – Nia

Make that money and make us proud…in that order πŸ™‚ – Anthony Farrior

I sure hope they don’t make you wear a suit and a serious face! – Glenn Batuyong

Congrats, Chris! I want to see you duet with Andrerson Cooper sometime! – susan mernit

Tech Segments on CNN.Com

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I’ve been invited to share technology tips and tricks on CNN.com Live every Thursday at 5:30pm Eastern. They’re going to lift my video feed and pump it directly into their production studio. I’ll be β€œembedded,” literally – a regular guest / host / content person on their Web network.

I wear many hats. I happen to be a fan of Peet’s coffee. I run my own Blog network at Lockergnome.com, helping people make money off of their knowledge. I am a Geek. And starting in about a week… I am going to be working with CNN.

Beginning this Thursday, March 6th, you’ll be able to log onto cnn.com at 5:30pm EST and see… me! What am I going to talk about? Technology, of course. This will be geared towards the “average” user, or non-power-user if you will. I am so excited about this, I can’t begin to explain. These three minutes per week are just HUGE in my mind.

This is a chance for us to share our knowledge. I think the first segment will be focused on Digital Cameras. I’ll pass along three major tips that every Digi Cam owner will need. I won’t go into deep tech issues, such as dual-booting. As I said, it will be general tech talk.

If you have ideas and suggestions for upcoming segments on CNN… please email me! I’d be happy to consider your suggestions. Also.. be sure to join us in the chat room. Even though the chat will not be embedded into CNN’s website, we’ll still all be there live, talking about the topic and sharing our thoughts. We’d love to have you join us!


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Let's Expand the Patriot Act!

I can’t believe what I’m hearing on CNN right now: pundits are suggesting that we extend the Patriot Act. “We need an MI5” is what they’re saying… even though such a structure would trample directly on America’s first amendment rights. Unbelievable. They’re playing on our fears to take away our freedoms. Does that sound right to you? Don’t get me wrong: I’m very thankful that officials in the UK were able to stop terrorists a few hours ago. But it’s not just your life that’s at risk now – it’s your civil liberties. Yes, I agree – we should be on high alert, but not for the reasons they’re spoon-feeding to us. Media propoganda is in full swing; scare tactics only serve to manipulate you and public opinion.