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My Home Office

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People ask me over and over for a tour of my home office. Today, I decided to grant that request. So get comfy, and here we go!

You’re all familiar with my desk, my 30″ Dell monitors, my chair and my Tix clocks. That is the view you see every day as I stream. If we look behind my desk, you’ll notice that there is about a foot of space between the desk and the wall. That is because my actual computer tower is on the floor behind the desk, along with all the cords and connections. I hate looking at cords, and I hate messes. Thus, I put them all behind the desk so I can’t see them.

Next to the desk is a clost that Ponzi feels is way too organized. I dunno why she would think that!! I have some storage shelves and cubes that hold various things, such as software, CDs, manuals, tools and even hardware. Above that on the shelf is my PSP and the games for it. And just to prove what an addict I am, I’ll pop out the game currently IN my PSP, to show you that it is Tetris.

Now over here to the right of my normal setup you see is the Mac Mini that runs the live stream. There is no monitor for it, I run it off of a television. Below that on the shelves of the little entertainment stand, you can see the Xbox and games, along with some DVDs I love, including Christmas ones.

Ahhh, the door to the office. Across the hall is our bedroom, and we are not going on a tour of it today. Next to the door is a little table, and a bench that opens but doesn’t really have anything in it. Then, there’s the other desk that I haven’t even decided what use it should have as of yet. In that corner, you can see a large bookshelf. I love this bookshelf. On it are all my little toys, gizmos and gadgets. We all know what a gadget freak I am!

Lastly, you can see the printer/scanner/fax machine, and the little stand with the phone on it. Then… we’re back where we started. I need to fill my office up some more. The closets and shelves need more in and on them. The other desk is empty. I need THINGS, people! If you have ideas, send them to me! You can leave me a follow up comment to this video, or send an email with your ideas to me at [email protected]

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Closet and Ceiling Repair

As if life wasn’t difficult enough right now, we came home from dinner the other night to discover that the ceiling in our master bedroom had partially crumbled.

Ceiling Destroyed (1)

This is a rental unit (an actual house). We’ve seen our fair share of problems in the past, but these issues are further exacerbated when it rains. Nothing has ever been this bad, though. Thank goodness we had started doing laundry that morning, otherwise it would have been even worse on the closet floor.

Ceiling Destroyed (2)

Repair folks came out this afternoon to assess the damage. The good news is that we shouldn’t be living here for too much longer. The bad news is that we have to live here for the time being, and there’s an insane amount of mold and mildew here – which means we won’t be able to sleep in our own bedroom for a few weeks.

Ceiling Destroyed (3)

The carpet is heavily damaged, and it seems that the house owners had covered up old carpet with new carpet during an earlier update process. It’s shoddy worksmanship, through and through – and I haven’t even told you about another ceiling zit we’ve found in a downstairs bedroom. Yay.

Ceiling Destroyed

Would someone please wake me when this is over?