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How to Make a Glossy Screen Matte

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When I ordered my new MacBook Pro not long ago, I decided to go with the glossy screen. I’m a matte fan, but I don’t like the way that Apple does those on their notebooks. The device isn’t all black with the matte screen, and it ends up getting a lot of gunk and debris around it. My friends over at RadTech happened to see the unboxing video, and sent along their ClearCal for me to use.

Before applying the screen protector, you have to make sure the screen is absolutely clean. There should be no smudges, dirt or debris anywhere on the surface. Always have a can of air and some scotch tape handy to help you get rid of anything unwanted. I use Monster iClean spray to get rid of any smudges. You’ll also want to have a credit card ready to help smooth out any air bubbles.

The ClearCal reduces glare coming from the pretty glossy screens on your devices. It also protects them from gathering fingerprints, dust and various little pieces of debris. Installing any brand of these is not an easy task. I’m happy to report that this one actually goes on much easier than any I’ve tried in the past.

ClearCal’s hardened surface resists scratches and abrasions and is easy to clean. In addition to glare reduction, ClearCal provides a level of impact protection and minimizes the appearance of oils or streaking if the display is touched.

Now that I spent all of this time putting this sucker on right, it’s never coming off! I’m very happy with my new matte screen. Thanks, RadTech!

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