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Chumby One Review

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You might remember the original Chumby, which wasn’t quite as cool as the new Chumby One is. It has a touch screen for starters, and an awesome speaker. You can configure the widgets through the free web account that you get when you buy your Chumby. Personalize it any way you want. The thing I think I like the most is that it runs on battery, as well as through a regular cord.

A Chumby takes the best part of the Internet and sends it right to your desk. The Chumby is a window into YOUR Internet life, and only those parts of it you care to access quickly. Things like weather, news, podcasts, music and more now have a place away from your hard drive. Plug in your Chumby, connect to your network and create a lineup from more than 1500 widgets. The Chumby will then stream what YOU want to see… from sports scores to stock quotes… from video clips to games… and from photos to trivia!

You can set alarms and timers for night mode if you want. Just touch the screen, and do your thing! I absolutely love my Chumby, and it’s one of the best Christmas gifts you could buy the Geek in your life as far as I’m concerned!


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