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Why Do You Use Google Chrome?

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Someone in our live community recently asked what I feel the advantages – and disadvantages – are for using Google Chrome. We are talking about the web browser in this instance, not the operating system. Google Chrome is built upon the Chromium foundation, as are Flock and RockMelt.

One advantage of Chrome is that they are constantly releasing new versions. It’s not going to disappear into obscurity. Google’s entire business model IS “the Web.” They are going to do their best to continue to try and build the best browser possible. There’s seemingly always a new beta version available, proving further that they are evolving on a regular basis.

I honestly can’t come up with a disadvantage, unless someone doesn’t want statistics sent back to Google. There are occasional crashes, as well, but yeah – EVERY browser has that problem at times. Is there anything you can think of?

What are YOUR thoughts? Is Chrome a good choice – or not?

Cr-48: First Google Chrome Laptop

Google finally unveiled their Chrome laptop to the world during a press conference today. The machine will be distributed via the Chrome OS Pilot Program as a sort of “beta” test. You’ll have to apply to join the program and cross your fingers – there are going to be a VERY limited number of the laptops available for this first run. However, laptops running Chrome OS from Acer and Samsung will be ready for public purchase mid-2011. There will reportedly be a few giveaways done to individuals and companies as review units, but there’s simply zero way to buy one of these babies at this point in time.

Photo credit thanks to Ricky McGill of SiliconANGLE.

This hot little number packs a bit of a punch under the hood. I’m referring to the “beta” version, of course, and not the final retail versions from the companies already mentioned.

  • 12.1-inch screen
  • Full size keyboard
  • Large clickpad
  • Qualcomm Gobi 3G chip
  • 802.11n dual-band WiFi
  • More than 8 hours of use
  • About 8 days of standby time
  • Webcam
  • Flash storage

The keyboard is a little – different. There is no CAPSLOCK key, for one thing. That has been replaced with a search button. As pointed out over on Engadget, this move is sure to tick off Internet trolls. The operating system itself – Chrome – isn’t quite finished just yet. This is the reason Google is running the Pilot program. There is still work to be done with camera drivers, Google Cloud Print and a few other details before it’s ready to be unleashed on the world.

The laptop as shown right now only comes in black and has a ten-second boot time. There are no logos or frills anywhere on the outside. It’s a very basic machine that just works – and apparently works well. Isn’t that the way it SHOULD be?

How Will RockMelt Change the Way You Browse?

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Marques is back with another screencast. This time, he’s taking a close look at the hot new RockMelt browser. If you’re a social media addict who cannot get enough of your Facebook and Twitter streams, you’re going to want to pay close attention.

RockMelt takes a whole new approach to sharing within a web browser. You’ll be asked to log in with your Facebook and Twitter accounts during setup. There are places to share photos, videos and links quickly and easily. You have a place to update your status without having to use a third-party application or having to head to either Facebook or Twitter.

Read the updates and check out the media that all of your friends are sending. You can stay on whatever website you’re currently reading and still take the time to pay attention to the friends and family who matter most to you.

Sharing hot news stories is simple. While you have any web page open, simply click the share button and tell RockMelt which of your social sites you want the link sent to. Add a short message of your own to explain the link and you’re done. There’s nothing to copy and paste… there’s nothing to log into.

If you’re a social media addict, this may just be the browser for you. It’s fast as heck, being based on the Chromium build. RockMelt receives a perfect 100 out of 100 on the Acid 3 test! It’s available for any platform you may be on, and is simple to use.

Thanks, Marques, for an excellent screencast.

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Sync Google Chrome Browser Features

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I told you that I was considering making a browser switch from Safari to Google Chrome / Chromium Nightly. Well, thanks to newer builds, I’m inching ever-closer to making the leap.

Being able to sync extensions is something I’d want to do, so imagine my surprise when I discovered that newer nightly builds of Chromium had the feature enabled. I’m living on the bleeding edge!

So, do you know of any killer extensions I might be able to use in Chromium / Google Chrome?

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It's Time to Use a Different Browser When…

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Over on Lockergnome.net, Michael asked people which web browser they prefer, and why. This is something I am asked constantly. It certainly seems as though everyone has a definite preference: there are over a thousand views on that question alone, and several pages’ worth of answers. I’ve been using Safari for quite awhile, but I think I’m on the cusp of switching to something different.

The one I’m thinking of using is another webkit browser – Google Chrome. To be more specific, I plan on using the browser on which Chrome is based – Chromium. It’s very powerful, and it’s only getting better. It’s exceedingly fast, and there are a lot of extensions already available. Heck, there’s already five extensions that have been made by our community members that each have something to do with what we do on a daily basis!

It’s a big deal for most people when you switch primary browsers. There’s usually a good reason that you decided to make the change. Let’s face it – we hate change most of the time, even when it comes to our browsers. I’ve used Safari for nearly three years now, so yeah – this is a big deal for me.

With Chromium, I get nightly update builds loaded right onto my computer. That’s important to me… I’m always on the bleeding edge with the latest they have to offer. When you spend as much time as I do surfing the Internet, having the best browser available is critical.

Which browser do YOU use, and why is it your favorite?

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Chromium OS on a $199 Tablet

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Freescale was showing their reference design for sub-$200 tablets at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The target is that tablets to be sold below $200 to end consumers will be able to run any Linux-based OS, including Chromium OS – based on the open-source code available at from the Chromium site.

In this video, Freescale’s product manager of Software Development demonstrates the status of their optimizations of running Chromium OS on their i.MX51 based devices, among other form factors is the recently announced $199 tablet form factor. It even supports hardware acceleration of HTML5 based video playback.

This video was filmed by Charbax during Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Spain.

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