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Google CR-48 Mini Review

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Lamarr is a lucky dude. He got his hands on a Google CR-48 laptop. I’m pretty sure the one that was delivered to his house is the one that was meant for me. I can’t help but wonder how he managed to divert the shipment. He’s just sneaky that way, I suppose.

In any case, Lamarr is the proud owner (and tester!) of the hot new machine from Google, featuring the Chrome operating system. This video details his thoughts on the machine and the OS.

Lamarr is quick to point out that this is simply a plain laptop with a browser… and that’s all. Google’s Chrome OS resides completely within a browser, folks. This is likely going to take some getting used to for many of us, but I have no doubt we geeks will adapt pretty quickly.

The machine comes with built-in 3G from Verizon… 100MB per month free for two years. That’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Of course, it can be used with a standard WiFi connection, so you shouldn’t hit that 100MB cap.

This operating system is not for everyone. All it does is – Internet. But if you’re like Lamarr (or me!), this will work really well for you. This machine is clearly not a desktop replacement. If you do a lot of work online, then this is going to be the machine for you.

Lamarr felt the machine is a bit sluggish. He cannot pinpoint WHERE the lag is coming from, though. Could it be the unnamed hardware in the test machine or the beta operating system itself? Only time will tell.

Have you gotten your hands on this sweet little device yet? What are your thoughts thus far?

What is the Chrome Web Store?

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This week, Marques is talking about the new Chrome Store. The things you’ll find here are sort of a cross between web apps and desktop apps. The Chrome Web Store is an online marketplace where you can discover thousands of apps, extensions and themes for Google Chrome.

Every item in the store has its own page, where you can read and contribute reviews and ratings. If you use multiple computers, synchronize your apps, extensions, and theme across all your computers with browser sync.

Web apps are advanced interactive websites. They may provide a wide-ranging set of features or focus on a single task like photo-editing or shopping. Extensions let you add new features to your browser. For example, an email notifier extension can show an email alert in your browser toolbar so you don’t have to log in to your email in a separate window to check if you have new messages. Themes allow you to you customize the look and feel of your browser, including themes from leading artists and designers around the world.

Thanks for another excellent screencast, Marques!

Cr-48: First Google Chrome Laptop

Google finally unveiled their Chrome laptop to the world during a press conference today. The machine will be distributed via the Chrome OS Pilot Program as a sort of “beta” test. You’ll have to apply to join the program and cross your fingers – there are going to be a VERY limited number of the laptops available for this first run. However, laptops running Chrome OS from Acer and Samsung will be ready for public purchase mid-2011. There will reportedly be a few giveaways done to individuals and companies as review units, but there’s simply zero way to buy one of these babies at this point in time.

Photo credit thanks to Ricky McGill of SiliconANGLE.

This hot little number packs a bit of a punch under the hood. I’m referring to the “beta” version, of course, and not the final retail versions from the companies already mentioned.

  • 12.1-inch screen
  • Full size keyboard
  • Large clickpad
  • Qualcomm Gobi 3G chip
  • 802.11n dual-band WiFi
  • More than 8 hours of use
  • About 8 days of standby time
  • Webcam
  • Flash storage

The keyboard is a little – different. There is no CAPSLOCK key, for one thing. That has been replaced with a search button. As pointed out over on Engadget, this move is sure to tick off Internet trolls. The operating system itself – Chrome – isn’t quite finished just yet. This is the reason Google is running the Pilot program. There is still work to be done with camera drivers, Google Cloud Print and a few other details before it’s ready to be unleashed on the world.

The laptop as shown right now only comes in black and has a ten-second boot time. There are no logos or frills anywhere on the outside. It’s a very basic machine that just works – and apparently works well. Isn’t that the way it SHOULD be?

How to Run the Chrome OS in a Virtual Machine

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We’ve seen some excellent screencasts come in from all over the community. It’s not too late for you to submit your screencast for possible use on our channels! Today, we’re featuring one from Matt Fisher. He may only be a Junior in high school, but he sure does know his stuff! Matt is going to show us all how to use the Chrome operating system from within a virtual machine.

The first thing you’ll need to do, of course, is to download a Chrome image. Once it’s downloaded, open your virtual machine program and create a new VM disk. Choose the Chrome file you just downloaded, and continue on your way.

Customize your settings for things like CPU and RAM usage, depending on your needs. You can just use the default settings, as well. Name your VM whatever you choose. In this case, Matt named his Chrome.

Once Chrome is set up in your virtual machine, you’ll need to log in using your own Google account. You will then be taken to the Google home page, and you are officially using Chrome OS in your virtual machine! It really is that easy to do!

Thanks, Matt, for an awesome tutorial and screencast. Great work!

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Don’t Believe Everything You Read

I had to chuckle a little while ago when someone in our live chat room stated that Google’s new operating system will be 100% invulnerable to malware attacks. That’s an awful hefty claim for Google to make, if they in fact did. The truth is that nothing is impossible in this day and age of malware. Criminals, hackers and malware writers will indeed figure out a way to get inside of whatever Google comes up with. Sadly, it’s par for the course. It’s rumors like these that make people who don’t know any better think that they don’t need any type of security software.

I hate rumors and speculation. I’m a hard facts type of guy. Show me proof, or don’t tell me at all. I know, not everyone is like that. And that’s ok, I suppose. However, it’s imperative that you do your research, and find out the truth of the matter in anything you want to believe. It’s ok to have “faith”, yes. It’s not ok to blindly ASSume something is right and correct and real. Sometimes, that can get you in to trouble.

One of the reasons I love our community so much is that as Geeks, we take the time to back up what we say with facts and resources. Have you taken the time to read what it is they are trying to say?

Over in our Downloads Center, you’ll find new software and apps every day that may be vital to your existence! For instance, today we are featuring a piece of freeware that allows you, the parent, to control what sites are allowed on your family’s computers. Safety and security – for free!