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LEGO Home Office

Many of you have asked over the years where you can buy the various pieces of furniture and equipment that I have here in my home office. Sadly, some of the items are no longer sold. My chair, for instance, stopped being manufactured quite awhile ago. This makes it difficult for you to create a replica of your own – unless you want to build one with LEGO bricks. Thanks to Zane Harnish, you can do just that!

The office looks pretty dang close to being perfect, don’t you think? You’ll see my little Mini-Fig me sitting next to my Dell monitors and the iMac. If you look closely, you’ll even see Wicket and Pixie hanging around… just like they usually are in my real office. The Macbook Pro is sitting in the middle of my desk, and the “curtains” are red. Heck, Zane even managed to get the Tix clocks in there!

Have you ever created a LEGO set of your own? You can design your own and have it for sale in their stores. Using the LEGO Digital Designer 3 software you can design and build any model you can imagine. Simply download the free software, start building or choose one of the starter models, then design your own unique packaging! Once you upload your creation, you’ll be able to buy the kit… or open it up for others to grab such as with my home office.

If you happen to create my office (or anything unique of your own), be sure to send us pictures!