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Moving Calendars

Jeremy Bencken, Co-Founder and CEO of ApartmentRatings, sent me an email this morning. He would make the 75th CEO to write me about his/her product this month alone. I had no idea I was so popular with Chief Executive Officers?! Jeremy was sure to include an official press release, but not before calling out a specific feature:

Today, we launched the first online moving calendar that integrates with Google Calendar. The calendar is designed to help movers organize the myriad details of moving. According to the Census Bureau, the most popular month for moving is July.

It works! Google Calendar wanted me to upgrade from IE7b3 to IE6… but that’s par for the course. I turned to the search engines to see if I could find other (read: more comprehensive) moving calendars. Best one yet is the Atlas Moving Day-by-Day Calendar. Gotta keep that URL handy, so I’m blogging it.