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Exclusive News: Darth Vader Reveals His Long-Lost (Geeky) Son

For my birthday today, my friend Carol Tran (of Chic Meets Geek fame) contacted Lord Vader on my behalf. Imagine my surprise when I found out I am apparently his long-lost son! I’m not sure whether we should tell my parents about this or not. Darth says that my voice really is as low as his when I want it to be. I’ll have to work on that.

Chic Meets Geek will be putting on an event here in Seattle next month as a part of Geek Week. Chic Meets Geeks is an event designed to bridge the social gap between the cultural chic and intellectual geeks. It is similar to a conference, but with a social atmosphere. Since this event will be a day before Gnomedex, it is “light” version of the actual Chic Meets Geek events. However, there will still be a surprise geek and/or chic celebrity guest who may be appearing at the event. Names will be announced when the date is approaching.

A full version of Chic Meets Geek provides a gathering of two different groups in one room to inspire, share, and connect through a panel of geek and chic influential leaders to talk about their inspirational background. A nonprofit beneficiary is highlighted at every ChicMeetsGeekâ„¢ event and themed around the speaker panelists’ expertise to bridge the gap. Since this is a “light” version of a Chic Meets Geek event, there will be a geek and/or chic celebrity guest, instead of a large panel of speakers, who will give a short inspirational speech. This Seattle event is a celebration of geeks, chic, and gnomes!

ChicMeetsGeek is a user experience. The event presents distinct elements found at a red carpet gala and tech conference in one room. The event challenges the attendees with thought-provoking ideas and situations, in order to inspire good. It’s a power networking meets cocktail event for the extroverts to the wallflowers.

Thanks for putting me in touch with my father, Carol!