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Exclusive News: Darth Vader Reveals His Long-Lost (Geeky) Son

For my birthday today, my friend Carol Tran (of Chic Meets Geek fame) contacted Lord Vader on my behalf. Imagine my surprise when I found out I am apparently his long-lost son! I’m not sure whether we should tell my parents about this or not. Darth says that my voice really is as low as his when I want it to be. I’ll have to work on that.

Chic Meets Geek will be putting on an event here in Seattle next month as a part of Geek Week. Chic Meets Geeks is an event designed to bridge the social gap between the cultural chic and intellectual geeks. It is similar to a conference, but with a social atmosphere. Since this event will be a day before Gnomedex, it is “light” version of the actual Chic Meets Geek events. However, there will still be a surprise geek and/or chic celebrity guest who may be appearing at the event. Names will be announced when the date is approaching.

A full version of Chic Meets Geek provides a gathering of two different groups in one room to inspire, share, and connect through a panel of geek and chic influential leaders to talk about their inspirational background. A nonprofit beneficiary is highlighted at every ChicMeetsGeek™ event and themed around the speaker panelists’ expertise to bridge the gap. Since this is a “light” version of a Chic Meets Geek event, there will be a geek and/or chic celebrity guest, instead of a large panel of speakers, who will give a short inspirational speech. This Seattle event is a celebration of geeks, chic, and gnomes!

ChicMeetsGeek is a user experience. The event presents distinct elements found at a red carpet gala and tech conference in one room. The event challenges the attendees with thought-provoking ideas and situations, in order to inspire good. It’s a power networking meets cocktail event for the extroverts to the wallflowers.

Thanks for putting me in touch with my father, Carol!

This Geek Met Chic in San Francisco

On June 3rd, I had an amazing time at the Chic Meets Geek event down in San Francisco. Founder and hostess Carol Tran put together an amazing event, bringing the beautiful people together with those of us who are Geeks.

Chic Meets Geek is a conference with a social atmosphere designed to connect the cultural chic and intellectual geeks beyond a surface level. A panel of both geek and chic speakers shared their inspirational backgrounds in order to bridge these two seemingly incongruous groups. Founder Carol Tran believes the pairing of these two cultures through meshing a red carpet gala and a tech conference into one event will challenge guests to reach beyond their comfort zone and open their minds.

The Vivanista blog detailed the festivities as: “Chic Meets Geek combines aspects of a technology conference, a red carpet gala, and a nonprofit fundraiser. The venue, the Automattic Lounge at Pier 38, is well-known by geeks as the headquarters of Automattic, the parent company of WordPress, a user-friendly blogging platform. Geek Meets Chic has been described as a “user experience” where one may network with people outside their normal circles.”

There were more than 400 people in attendance at Chic Meets Geek, including actor Steve Wharton. In my opinion, this was an event done right. I’m very happy to have been a part of it.