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Geek Gone Wild: Chatroulette Experiment

A few days ago, I decided I had to find out for myself exactly what Chatroulette is really like. Kevoc captured this video for me, to showcase my reactions.

I have to admit, I was entertained. However, I was not amused in the way you might think – honest! Watching people’s reactions to seeing Pixie sitting on the camera instead of a live person cracked me up.

I came across some X-rated people, and threw up in my mouth a little each time. WHY would someone do that? I really don’t get it. Trust me, guys, the girls you will “meet” on Chatroulette are not the girls you’d want to meet in real life. It made me laugh each time I saw someone come on the screen who was obviously there in order to find a “partner” for the evening. What are these people even thinking?

UncleJohn captured things from the perspective of my monitor. He used his mad skillz to do some creative censoring for this video, thankfully. It’s funny to see the look on some of the people’s faces, though… and to see the sheer boredom radiating off of others.

There are some really interesting things happening on the site at times. For instance, Mashable was lucky enough to land an exclusive interview recently with Merton. He’s the anonymous piano guy seen all over the Chatroulette site recently. He’s hilarious and isn’t too shabby when it comes time to tickle the ivories.