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Facebook Group Chat with Clobby

There is one major feature that Facebook is missing: group chat. This feature is in high demand by the millions of people on the site every day. There hasn’t been a way for friends and family to chat together at once.

There are a few third-party applications that allow you to group chat, but none of them excelled when it comes to meeting the UI standards of Facebook, having powerful moderation capabilities for chat administrators and smooth integration with Pages and Profiles. None of these were seen in a group chat app until Clobby came along.

I’ve already added this app to my Fan page, and the conversation is flowing. It’s simple to use and manage. There are a few text options such as bold and indent… and let’s not forget that we have smilies to use, as well. I know a lot of you are serious smilie fans.

If chatters misbehave, you can warn them, kick them out, or ban them with one click. All page admins and profile owners become administrators in the chat room. You can even add extra moderators when needed.

Clobby is not only a great conversation tool – it’s also absolutely free! It doesn’t get much better than that.

The Chris Pirillo Live iPad App

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If you’re a fan of my live stream who also happens to be getting an iPad, you’re going to want this app. Steve (Granit in our chat room) has come up with an app that will allow you to see the video AND the chat room right on your iPad screen – without having to click between them. You’ll be able to private message other users if you choose, and have moderation options available if you’re a channel operator. Additionally, if you click on a link within the IRC channel, it will open a browser window right inside of the app.

The app gives you the capability of viewing the live stream in the h.264 format. If I’m doing something particularly fun or interesting, you can easily switch to full-screen mode, and see me larger than life!

The IRC portion of the app is something we are very proud of. You’ll find that the options and commands have been simplified a bit, so that people who aren’t yet very comfortable with chatting on IRC will be able to find their way around quickly. There are also several optimization options, such as allowing you to change the font size and background color, showing user modes, a simplified “whisper” theme, and the ability to turn off (or on) specific channel notices and changes (such as user joins and parts).

When someone private messages you for the first time, an alert will pop up. It will ask you whether you want to accept or deny the message – and even lets you block further messages from them if you choose. When you accept a pm, a new private room is automatically created for you to talk in – away from the main one.

Last – but certainly not least – you can choose to use this app in portrait or landscape mode. In portrait mode, the chat room will appear underneath the video. When you turn your iPad the other direction, the chat and stream will appear side-by-side.

Steve did a fantastic job. The app won’t be ready for release just yet, but he’s working hard on it and adding new features. The only problem is… what should we name it?

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