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Which is the Best Media Reader?

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For the most part anymore, I use my iPhone to take pictures. Not long ago, I actually didn’t have my iPhone with me and used my actual digital camera to take a few snapshots. However – I soon realized I had left the dang proprietary connection cable at home. And, of course, I didn’t have any type of media reader handy. What’s a Geek to do other than head over to Fry’s to pick something up!?

I picked up the IOGear USB Hub and Card Reader for about eighteen bucks. It has three USB ports, which is very cool. We all know that I can never possibly have enough of those lying around. It has a 45-in-1 card reader, which can handle nearly any type of removable media you might ever need.

You don’t have to install anything fancy to use this device – or anything at all, actually. It’s completely plug-and-play, and will transfer your files extremely quickly. It works with several different types of removable media, including memory sticks, micros drives, multimedia cards, and CompactFlash drives.

The only difficulty I had with this awesome little gadget was when I attempted to open the package it came in. YOU try getting one of these plastic bubble things open without scissors or a knife handy!

What do you look for in a media reader?

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Does the Brand of an SD Card Matter?

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Over on Lockergnome.net, BMM2010 asked: “Does a class and make (manufacturer) of an SD/micro SD card really make a difference?” The short answer is that yes – it does. I have always believed that you get what you pay for. If you think you’re getting an amazing deal, you may end up with junk that will fail on you. Most of the time, you tend to get more bang for your buck. The class of an SD card determines how fast it is. A class 2 card, therefore, should not get the speeds of one that is a class 10… so don’t believe the crap advertising telling you otherwise.

Basically, the higher the class of the card the faster it should run… so long as the device you’re placing it in is capable of managing a high-quality SD card. Always read reviews and do your homework… even when it comes to buying something like this. Buy as much product as you can afford.

Know what you need, and look into what you’ll be getting. Ask others in the community or read reviews found online. Check with coworkers or fellow students. Find out which brands deliver what they promise – those that truly WORK. That’s what you want to go with.

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This is the Truly Universal Storage Adapter

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Your media reader may be able to handle many things, but can it handle an IDE drive – externally? Can it handle a SATA drive? A truly universal storage adapter is what you need, such as the NexStar Universal Storage Adapter.

This adapter provides the flexibility of connecting almost any type of storage device to your computer. Whether it is a hard drive, optical drive, SSD, IDE/SATA or a memory card, this adapter does it all. Easily backup, transfer, copy files from your new or old storage devices conveniently through a fully hot-swappable USB interface.

This definitely seems to be the adapter to beat. It is a 66-in-one reader, which is just insane to think about! It connects via simple USB device, making it even easier. Of course, if you need to connect a hard drive to it, there are proper power cords included to make that happen.

Long story short, if you’re looking for a new media-reader and/or to be able to connect a hard drive with ease… look no further than the Vantec NexStar Universal Storage Adapter!

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