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YouTube Captions and Rentals

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Oops. I was messing around with a new YouTube “Rentals” feature for Partners – which had unforeseen consequences. As soon as I realized my mistake, I undid as much as I could on the affected video. Everything should be back to normal now, save not being able to make that video (in question) visible in countries beyond the USA. I’m waiting to hear back from my YouTube liaison.

While I have you on the line, y’all have to check out the new “Captions” features. I show you how to turn it on in this video, too – and I believe that new beta feature is enabled for all YouTube videos. Apparently, I’m funny in machine-translated Closed Captioning.

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Caption This Video of Dancing Microsoft Office Icons

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Don’t ask me why, but for some reason Microsoft Office icons were not allowed to use the restroom at Macworld. They were forced to “dance” it off. Unfortunately, this made quite a mess. The Microsoft Office for Windows icons could pee anytime they wanted, which leads me to believe that someone there is playing favorites.

Go ahead – caption this video! Remix it, add captions or other funny things to it, and upload it as a video response to the video (or here on the blog). Get creative and have fun! Just… remember to keep it clean!

Thanks to kevoc2008 for capturing this video for us!

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How to Create Captions for YouTube Videos

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I have recorded and uploaded over 2000 videos on YouTube, and that’s a lot. Many people have asked me if I would ever go back and caption the videos using YouTube’s caption tool. Sadly, I just don’t have the time to do that. There is a way, though, that you can go in and caption your own videos easily. Caption Tube helps you create captions for your YouTube videos. It’s easy to use and it’s free.

You can incorporate your YouTube videos within this service. Sign in with your YouTube account ID, and it will list all of your YouTube videos that have been uploaded and processed. Press a button to import a video. I can choose to pause the video if I wish, add a caption and the text… even the start time and duration. Then just press the save button, and it’s finished.

When you’re done with captioning the entire video, there are a variety of things you can do. You can save them to a text file, email them to yourself, or even export them in one of a few different formats.

If you know of any other really cool services out there, drop me a line! I’d love to take a look at it, and maybe share whatever you’ve found with the rest of the world.

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Caption This

Caption This

Thanks for participating. You helped make this segment a success!

georgekorsnick: OM NOM NOM NOM.

about 5 hours ago

funhiguy: good job on @KHONnews

about 5 hours ago

matzrios: If I was Wicket For A Day What Will I Do?

about 5 hours ago

JoshWolrich: what I can&#39t update twitter from my tv??? *eats remote in disgust*

about 5 hours ago

TrevorReadinger: “I have to stop watching Bizarre Foods on an empty stomach!”

about 5 hours ago

barineau: Brave choice of pics. I can NSFW that image in ______ mins.

about 5 hours ago

gjhickman: Caption = “my morning media consumption”

about 5 hours ago

pjarbona: I eat remotes for breakfast! Not the most innovative caption, but hey, I tried. 🙁

about 4 hours ago

Caption This Photo

Funny. This doesn’t SOUND like AC/DC. – Akiva Moskovitz

Caption This Photo or I’m going to plug this to my ear! – AJ Batac ♘

WTF is THAT above your right eyebrow?! – Mona N.

(Hello from Row 5!) – Who said that? – Anthony Stevens

Chris Pirillo, unplugged – Dave Hodson

OK, Akiva wins. – Jason

But i was going into town to pick up some power converters! – John Worthington

Don’t come any closer, man, I’LL DO IT – ωαřмaiden

Just when one thought water boarding was a sure way to obtain a confession, a new method of interrogation called The Plug In has been discovered to the chagrin of human rights activists worldwide! – Roney Smith

Nice glasses. – JMakesAwesomeSauce

p1uggergn0me – John Worthington

Yes, Akiva wins… LOL – ChangeForge | Ken Stewart

Chris takes his idea of Human Circuitry to the next level… – John Worthington

I want 1 MIIIIIILLLLIOOOON Dollars or I plug this into my head. – Bored

And, of course, the obvious one: Plug-and-Play. – Akiva Moskovitz

Gross! – Andru Edwards

This is a new application of neural networking. – jokrausdu

unfortunately, early attempts at neural inputs jacks have failed, however on a more curious note it has been discovered that ear wax from geeks contains an inordinate amount of energy. – Jerry Schuman

A new vision of human circuitry as demonstrated by Chris Pirillo – dan

+1 Mona, a horn? – Majento

Short Circuit 2: Some say he’s nuts. Some say he’s bolts. But can Number Five make it in the big, bad city? Keep your wires crossed. – £ogical €xtremes

eXistenZ is paused! – Rodfather

Pirillo in the middle of a cold reboot. – Jerry Schuman

Hairplugs 2.0 – Erik S

lets recharge ! – Prashanth Randadath

I needs more power Scottie! – Susan Beebe

…must…consume…more…internet…. – Amber aka SDA

Are you Plugged into me? Are YOU plugged into me? I don’t see anyone else here.. – Bored

Damn! Forgot to buy Q-Tips. Again! – Michael Hussein Markman

What’s the frequency Kenneth!? – Gerald Buckley

"wait, i thought this new stuff was supposed to be wireless … " – Gregory Lent

I need a outlet to plug in my light up pimple – Outsanity

The Great Political Cartoon Experiment

I’m going on record by stating that user generated content is often user generated CRAP. Still, that didn’t stop me from forcing Brad to publish today’s bLaugh with an empty caption bubble. We’re asking the audience – all two of you – to fill in the blank. I’m hoping that Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Whigs, and “Islamic Fascists” will be able to drop the debate for just a moment and make the world a funnier place…

Lieberman Hacked!

My suggestion: “That’s the last time I install a patch issued by Homeland Security developers.”