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T-Mobile Wants to Slow You Down with Caps and Throttling

Beginning October 16th, those of you with T-Mobile who use more than 5GB of data per month are going to be quite angry. As of that date, the company will begin reducing data speeds after you reach 5GB of usage in a single billing cycle. The previous cap was 10GB per month. The company claims the change will only affect about 1% of their subscriber base. I have a feeling that number is a slight exaggeration.

After you reach that cap, you’ll receive a free text from the company telling you that your speeds will be reduced. Once the new bill cycle begins, your speeds will return to normal. If you want to keep track of your data usage, you can easily do so by logging into your account.

The good news is that you still will not be charged for overages. Sure, you’ll crawl along the information highway and never find what you need… but at least you won’t pay extra for doing so!

T-Mobile webConnect Will Throttle You

The webConnect USB Laptop Stick provides fast, easy wireless Internet access for your laptop by automatically finding the best T-Mobile network connection (3G, HotSpot/Wi-Fi, or EDGE). The service will now no longer charge you an arm and a leg to connect to the Internet. Instead of charging you an overage fee when you pass the 5GB per month cap, you’ll instead have your service throttled. Exact details about how that information will be throttled has not yet been fully disclosed. In the meantime, the 200MB webConnect plan will drop overage fees from $.20/MB to $.10/MB.

The 5GB plan starts at $40, while a 200MB contract is listed at $25 per month. I’m not sure that this is enough of a “plan” to convince me to run off to sign a two year contract. What about you?

There is no overage fees or caps on the amount of software you can get from us! Check back daily to see what’s new.

What's up with that Wacky Skull Cap, Chris?

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Yes, I am once again wearing my skull cap. Yes, some of you think it’s funky, or dorky. I’m not wearing it for any political or other odd reason. I bought it in NY when it was cold. I wore it a bit, and liked it. I happen to think it looks pretty good on me, too. It’s made by FCUK.

Ok, so why do I wear it? It’s nothing exciting, really. About a year ago, I happened to be wearing this hat in a video I had recorded. Someone watched it recently, and took the time to tell me that I looked really good in the hat. And you know what? They’re right. I like it a lot, so I’m wearing it. It’s a fun little cap, isn’t it? It’s funky looking, and comfortable.

I’ve tried other caps, but this one just works for me. I wasn’t even going to bring up this whole cap thing, because it’s honestly not that interesting. However, two people sent me iTunes gift certificates wanting me to do a “crazy cap video”. So, here you go!

Now you know why I’m wearing my Fcuk(ing) cap.


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Where to Make and Sell Merchandise

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People ask me every day if they can buy Pirillo or Lockergnome T-shirts. After considering it, I’ve decided to create a small “store” of sorts… on Zazzle! You can create your own Zazzle store, create merchandise, and sell it easily!

Choose from over 350 products to design. Post them for sale in the Zazzle marketplace. When someone buys your product, you make money! Do you want to create a store to showcase your creations? On Zazzle, you can easily set up your own shop, decorate it, and promote it with their tools.

It’s completely free to sign up and start creating! You get a percentage of every item sold, as does Zazzle. It can’t be any easier than that!

Keep an eye out on my Zazzle store for more products and deisgns coming soon.


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