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Can Analog to Digital Conversion Happen via FireWire?

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I’ve tried a few devices that could take a signal from a video switcher and feed it into the Mac. None of them really would work with the software I use to integrate all the different components. I picked something up at the Apple store as a last resort, and what do you know? It worked! The ADVC110 A/d Converter is exactly what I needed.

Use ADVC110 to connect all analog and digital video cameras, decks and editing systems. ADVC110 is a portable and easy-to-use digital video converter compatible with Windows and Mac OS computers. ADVC110 is the ideal device for capturing and outputting analog video from any FireWire-equipped notebook and desktop computer. There are no drivers to install and ADVC110 does not require a power supply when used with a 6-pin FireWire cable.

Features include:

  • Connects to all widely used DV and analog video equipment.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS DV editing systems.
  • Compatible with leading editing and DVD authoring applications including Grass Valley EDIUS, Canopus Let’s EDIT, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Vegas, iLife, Ulead MediaStudio Pro, and Windows Movie Maker.
  • Audio-only conversion support.
  • No need to install drivers or any software applications.
  • Powered by IEEE 1394 FireWire connector.
  • NTSC and PAL compatible.
  • Color bar reference signal generator.

If you need to convert Analog to Digital and mount that specific signal, the ADVC110 is going to work for you. You don’t even have to install anything – there’s no “installation CD” included. Had I not picked this handy device up at the last minute, you all would not have been able to have live video during the Gnomedex conference. It may be a little pricey, but it’s well worth the cost. It works, it’s easy to use, and it’s just slick. Thank you, Canopus!


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Do You Have any Online Video Tips?

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The videos that we typically record are not always super high quality. However, consider that the video you’re watching now is done live. Our chat room is open and hopping, as you can see in the stream. Nick wrote in and asked if I had any recommendations on software to help him make better quality videos. He currently uses Windows Movie Maker, and is looking for something cheap or free.

I think he should stick with Movie Maker. If he’s on a Mac, I would recommend Final Cut Express, or even iMovie. However, if you can download demos and try them free, I would do that. You can experiment with different programs, to see which produces the best results for you. I unfortunately don’t know of any open-source programs that will work for you. If anyone else does, please let us know.

Nick also threw in a few tips of his own, when it comes to doing videos online.

  • Be original! If you’re going to make a video, don’t stage it. Staging it just makes it useless, and not so funny.
  • Mooching off of someone’s fame came help. He based a film off of Leroy Jenkins that gained over 100,000 views in under a month. Put your own twist onto something.
  • Don’t take insults personally, or even seriously. Some people just get a kick out of trying to bring someone down, even if your work is good. Someone saying “your video is no good” isn’t even constructive!
  • Making videos is an art, and practice makes perfect. If you make a video that sucks… just redo it! You’ll get the hang of it, and be making quality videos in no time.
  • If you’re serious about making videos, put some thought and effort into it. Take the time to properly edit your work. Also consider exploring different camera angles, lighting, etc.


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