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When are People Strange?

It’s always interesting to read people’s answers to random questions. For instance, I asked on my Facebook page earlier what makes a person strange. The answers were varied as usual. Many community members cracked simple jokes in reply. Still others actually came up with some cool insight into the question.

The absolute best answer had to be the person who stated: “There is really no follow up to that. People really are just strange.” That, folks, is the most truthful statement I’ve ever read! Have a great weekend, all of you strangers.

There’s nothing strange about wanting to keep your computer happy with the best software you can possibly find.

What is the Future of Computing?

There’s a discussion on Geeks where they are trying to guess what the future of computers will hold. Will we see mind-controlled hardware? Could we see a 500-bit notebook? The possibilities are nearly endless, and it’s so hard to figure out what’s in store.

I know we all have dreams of what we would like to see in regards to our computing experience “someday”. Some of us even keep waiting on specific technologies to be developed. What are we waiting around for, though? If we can dream it, we may be able to create it. If you don’t have the know-how to code or design something, there are others out there who do. Don’t just sit on those magical ideas. Share them with someone who can help bring them to the marketplace. Companies like Apple and Microsoft are always on the lookout for the hottest new ideas. Their next one could be yours!

What do you think we’ll see in our lifetime when it comes to computers? What types of technologies do you wish would be developed?

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