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Reshare Your Favorites on Google Buzz

Our brains are already programmed to hit that Retweet button on Twitter. Now, Google is making it simple for us to do the same thing from within Buzz. The new Reshare button will be rolling out to all users during the next several days. It works much the same as the RT feature does, so users will feel comfortable using it immediately. There’s nothing to configure or install. Just click Reshare any time you come across a post you want your followers to see as well.

Choose whether you want to share a post with all of your followers or just with those you select. This feature only works with public posts, and will not work for those that are private. You’ll find the new button down between “Like” and “Email” at the bottom of your Buzz items. Click to share it out and start new conversations within your group. Add your own comments to the item if you wish. Keep in mind, though, that you will not have the ability to edit the original Buzz item. It’s cool to note that you are no longer restricted to 140 characters, so you don’t need to hack away at a reshared item in order to make it “fit.”

One of the cooler portions of the Reshare feature is the way the items are handled after you click that button. Mashable describes it as: “Once you reshare an item, it will be posted to your own timeline with attribution to the author and a link to the original post (this is the opposite of how the retweet function works on Twitter). Once an item as been reshared, it will update to highlight each of the Buzz users who have shared it publicly and outline the chain of reshares.”

This feature has been much in demand from users, and is already being met with much approval. If you’ve used it already, what are your thoughts? Are you happy with the way they set everything up?

Edit Photos Online for Free

Aviary has long been one of the best online photo editing services. Up until now, people were required to pay about $25.00 a year in order to take advantage of everything the site offers. However, thanks to recent funding increases from outside sources, the service is now 100% free! Existing paying customers will no longer be billed, and those that signed up in the last 30 days will get a full refund.

Aviary is quite powerful, yet simple to use. It allows you to do so much more than apply simple edits to your pictures. There are vector editor, color editor, and even image markup tools available. You can use Aviary to create logos and websites, or try out your own color palette! There is no limit to what you can do with this excellent image site, other than your own imagination. Aviary has been compared with Adobe’s free online version of Photoshop. However, you are limited to only 2 GB of usage with Adobe. Why limit yourself in any way? You no longer have to with Aviary!

Go ahead and try it out, and let us know what your thoughts are. I’ve been playing around with some of my pictures, and I’m pretty impressed with the results. I’m thankful that someone in our community posted the news about this earlier. We have such a talented group of people on all of our sites! What have you been posting – and reading – today?

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Is Google Buzz Invading Your Privacy?

According to the BusinessInsider, Google Buzz could be invading your privacy in a big way. As is often the case, privacy issues with Buzz are opt-out, instead of opt-in as they should be. When you first set up the Buzz for yourself, it automatically sets you up with followers and people to follow. Those people are picked based on whom you email and talk to the most on Google. That’s fine, right? However, your list of followers (and those who follow you) are made public by default. That, my friends, is not cool.

Before you change any settings in Google Buzz, someone can check out your profile and see who you email and chat with most. When you first begin to set up your profile, you’ll be prompted to enter your photo and name. In that same tiny box, you’ll see minuscule wording that states that “Your profile includes your name, photo, people you follow, and people who follow you.”. The problem is that they don’t even tell you that the general public can see this information.

We all know that most of us don’t bother reading all of the fine print before saving and continuing to create profiles. We’re in a hurry, right? However, not taking the time to check things out in this way can also cause you a lot of headaches. Do you really want the world to know who you are talking to? Is it their business? Not in my book, it’s not. It is up to ME if I want everyone – and their brother – to know who I talk to the most… and who I follow.

We shouldn’t have to opt out of things such as this. My followers – and yours – should be private by default. It should be our choice whether or not they are displayed. What bothers me the most is that many people don’t realize this is happening, nor will they understand that they can hide their lists with just a few clicks of the mouse.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you feel strongly that Google made a huge boo-boo in regards to your privacy? Do you feel companies (especially such large ones who should KNOW better) should automatically make these things hidden by default, and allow you the control over your information?

Create Scrapbooks out of Your Photos on Facebook

Scrapbooking is serious business to those that participate in the activity. They are forever looking for the perfect papers and border. They spend hours browsing through stores, trying to find that elusive pair of scissors to make their borders just right. Creating a beautiful scrapbook isn’t an easy process for most. However, Scrapblog is making it simple. You can use Scrapblog to create a gorgeous scrapbook right on Facebook.

Select your background, choose your photos and count to three. Your Flash-based scrapbook will be assembled for you in just minutes. When you first start using Share the Love, the app will employ Scrapblog’s recently launched QuickMix technology to instantly generate a photo collage with up to ten Facebook photos. The photos will be automatically arranged with a set theme, which you can change easily. The app offers users coordinated stickers, backgrounds and captions.

Go ahead and try it out. It won’t cost you anything, and it’s a lot of fun! It’s amazing what kind of great new things you can discover online these days, isn’t it?

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The Buzz About Google

Google has stepped up their game yet again with today’s introduction of Google Buzz. Buzz is touted as a new way to start conversations about the things you find interesting and share updates, photos, videos and more. It’s built into Gmail, so there’s nothing to sign up for, install or configure. Buzz makes use of your current contact list within Gmail, so you already have a built-in set of friends, as well.

You can choose to share publicly with the world or privately to a small group of friends each time you post. Connect other sites you use, such as Picasa, Flickr, Google Reader, and Twitter. This lets your friends keep up with what you’re doing around the web in one tidy little place. Don’t feel you have enough connections in Gmail? Google Buzz will suggest new contacts for you. Buzz will recommend posts from people you’re not directly following, usually from places your current friends are having conversations. If you’re not interested in a particular recommendation, just click the “Not interested” link.

Over on ReadWriteWeb, they are making a case for Google Buzz replacing FriendFeed. The author makes some very valid points, which focus on Google’s already built-in userbase, as well as the fact that they are working hard to integrate mobile applications. The article is compelling, making one wonder if Google Buzz will, indeed, bring about the end of FriendFeed. I still maintain that both services are quite different, offering different things to their users. I don’t see Buzz as replacing or killing FriendFeed. However, I could be wrong. It’s happened once or twice before!

Google Buzz will be rolled out everywhere within the coming days. If you don’t already have it showing up in your Gmail, you will soon. Keep an eye out for a Buzz link under your Inbox. Check it out… try it on for size. Let us know what you think of the newest offering from Google. Is it a bunch of hype? Or… is the buzz about Buzz on target?