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LEGO Star Wars Mandalorian Battle Pack: Fett-tastic!

I was just a child when the Empire Strikes Back was released in theaters. I distinctly remember watching in awe with the rest of my family, and leaving the cinema through a front exit – which immediately reminded us of the ice halls of Hoth. Even my mom was digging the scene (though she could hardly be considered a geek or sci-fi aficionado).

Despite his lack of screen time, Boba Fett captured the world’s attention – if only because this bounty hunter looked like a badass. Visually, he commanded respect and implied authority. It’s no wonder Lucas integrated the familiar Mandalorian armor within the prequels. It was interesting to see Boba as a child, and to learn that his father (Jango Fett) served as the base for what would become the Empire’s clone army.

If you loved Boba Fett’s look – you’ll certainly adore the LEGO Star Wars Mandalorian Battle Pack (7914). It’s like having four Boba Fetts for the price of… well, four minifig Boba Fetts? Sure, their color scheme is a bit more blue than you’ve come to associate with the classic Boba – but you’d expect that even Mandalorian warriors would have to update their look every few years, right?

Want a Mandalorian assassin? Check. Want three Mandalorian troopers with assault rifles and other weaponry? Check. Want the bricks to build a Mandalorian speeder and blaster turret? Check.

There weren’t many Mandalorians in the movies, but the Star Wars Expanded Universe is replete with ’em. Even if you didn’t know much about their backstory, they will compliment your collection of LEGO minifigs better than Bantha fodder. Sorry, that’s an inside joke. Just don’t let this battle-tested army catch you joking around.

Pick up the minifigure pack while you can – if only because the price is just about as low as it can go right now (~$10 if you’re lucky). Don’t forget that you can upload your own LEGO-related video to our BrickTrix YouTube channel. Together, we can rule the galaxy as builder and…

LEGO Education Minifigs – Fairytale and Historic Minifig Set 9349-1

When I first discovered LEGO, there was no such thing as a minifig. We had to create our own “people” and “monsters” based on the bricks at our disposal. If memory serves, every one of my imaginary characters were red, blue, and yellow – to have black or white bricks was merely a dream for my playroom.

Then, LEGO made things interesting by starting to release minifigs – and I loved ’em from the word Go. Actually, from the word LEGO (to be precise).

I never would have imagined growing up and still appreciating the brick, but I sit before you today with quite a collection of minifigs at my fingertips. It’s not that I don’t appreciate every brick that can be clicked, but I’ve always been enthralled with miniature figurines from various playsets (LEGO or otherwise).

I tripped into the local LEGO store a few months back and saw the “LEGO Education Minifigs – Fairy Tale and Historic Minifigure Set 9349-1” and balked at the rather lofty $49 price tag. It wouldn’t be until my birthday when I would allow myself to spend that much money on a rather interesting (but not really all-that-unique) set.

I’ve seen witches, knights, and pirates before – and while I didn’t previously have a mermaid / merman set, I still wonder what possessed me to pick it up. Maybe it’s that I’m starting to fill out a new shelf of minifigs and I’m anxious to reach capacity? Who knows…

But, as always, these LEGO minifigs were fun to assemble. Not terribly educational, but… I wonder who would buy minifigs for education, anyway?

LEGO Freestyle

This new LEGO short film shows you the power of creation with the bricks lying around on the floor, in the bucket or on the inside of a newly purchased kit.

It’s no secret that I’m an adult fan of LEGO. I have several different models sitting around my home that I have built. I admit, though, that I prefer to build from kits instead of free-style. After watching this video, though, I’m tempted to grab a large box of bricks and just see what I can come up with.

Do you freestyle your LEGO creations? Show off some pictures of what you’ve built.

Adult Fans of LEGO: The Bricks Aren't Just for Kids

AFOL A Blocumentary from AFOL on Vimeo.

See? I told you I wasn’t the only adult LEGO fanatic. There’s an entire community of them – right here in the Seattle area. Adult Fans of LEGO is a Blocumentary film about LEGO builders and enthusiasts that reside in the Pacific Northwest. The film visits people’s homes, club meetings, and conventions that take place in the region. The film was released in early 2010 and was directed by Jess Gibson.

The film consults numerous everyday people (some of whom claim to have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the blocks), who variously attribute the ageless LEGO allure to nostalgia, investment possibilities, entertainment, and spiritual escape.

Are you an adult LEGO fan? Stand up and be counted. Show us your favorite creations!

First LEGO Set

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I’m the one in the KC Chiefs pajamas, although I don’t care a lick about sports (the outfit must have been on sale). Decades later, I’m still playing with LEGO and video games – longing for the simplicity of an Atari 2600.

You’ll have to mix in your own soundtrack, as the video camera did not record sound. Imagine a whole bunch of high-pitched screaming – much like the rest of my videos.

You can get your old memories digitized as well, via Pixorial.

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LEGO Games

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Part of the geek experience is playing with LEGO. I took the bricks for granted, as some people (like Imei) have never played with them at all. This was her first time – caught on tape. Actually, it was caught on Memory Stick.

LEGO is serious business for most of us Geeks. We GET it, you know? You don’t need to have a set of directions, or a particular build in mind. You just dump out your bricks and build whatever is in your mind! It’s almost like a Zen experience for me!

What was your first LEGO experience?

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