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LEGO Convention in Seattle: Brickcon!

While I have certainly known about LEGO for a number of years, I can’t say that most of my adult life was spent with bricks. It wasn’t until the social network FriendFeed came about that I started to become interested in LEGO as a post-pubescent. There, some people were regularly sharing MOC (My Own Creation) images, minifigure dioramas, and the like. I re-shared, and the rest is history.

I learned about Brickcon, the Pacific Northwest’s Premiere LEGO Convention & Conference, last year – and when Dan Sabath reached out to me, I was compelled to sign up and spend a day with other Adult Fans of LEGO down at Seattle Center in a large room filled with buys and builds. I didn’t know any names, I didn’t know any faces, I just knew that I wasn’t alone.

This year, Dan was helping registered attendees sign-in by the front door. We chatted for a minute or so, then my girlfriend and I passed through the gates and into a crowd of what must have been thousands. We were about to dive in when I could hear Dan shouting from behind. He forgot to tell me that one person recognized him from YouTube earlier – from the video we shot at the beginning of last year’s public event: What is Brickcon. The video did its job!

So, what about this year’s Brickcon festivities? I was just as enchanted – seeing so many new projects up close. There were so many people snapping still photos, but I thought it would be much nicer to record the experiences in video, instead. We used a digital camera that has amazing image quality (but horrible autofocus). That said, here’s 17 minutes of footage from Brickcon 2011:

If you ever have a chance to go, you should. It should remain quite affordable – and it’s family friendly, so you’re welcome to bring the kids along. Even if you have absolutely no interest in this part of our world, you’ll certainly be enchanted by what these Master Builders have constructed.

Do You Want Your Own Face on a LEGO Minifigure?

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Yes, it’s true. You can finally find your face on a LEGO minifig head. Well, as long as you put in an order for one. You know I had to do it on-site, but since you likely couldn’t be at this year’s BrickCon with us, you can order your own online (if you’re so inclined). See, I’m not the only adult fan of LEGO (AFOL) out there!

They will take your photo, transform it into a minfigME face and then seal it onto an authentic LEGO head (in your choice of yellow, white, green, grey, sienna or flesh). Then they complete it in a finish that leaves it in totally able to play-with condition! They are quite sturdy, and make great additions to your favorite play-set or display collection.

I couldn’t resist having one of these made for myself. However, I may just have to get ones done for Wicket and Pixie in the very near future.

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BrickCon is for Adult Fans of LEGO

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So, what exactly is BrickCon, and why are adults obsessed with LEGO? Well, I can answer at least one of those questions for you today – with Dan Sabath.

More than 10,000 people were in attendance during the event this past weekend. This was the 8th year for the conference, which has grown exponentially since the beginning.

Dan has many tips for would-be AFOLs. Look at the shape of the bricks. Give good consideration to color and theming. Don’t stick to kits and sets… you want to let your imagination soar. You can build it if you can dream it.

Within five minutes of the doors opening, the place was completely flooded. On the conference floor, there were several different areas. There were sections for Steampunk, castles, trains, robotics and so much more.

Most things built by AFOLs are scaled to minifig size, which is what I’m a fan of. I happen to collect minifigures, as you already know. Building to this specification is where my particular LEGO passion lies.

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The LEGO House is on Fire

As I was pretending to walk through a LEGO medieval village, I happened upon this fiery scene at BrickCon 2010:

LEGO House Fire

I kinda feel sorry for them. Here, they’re laying witness to a local building going up in LEGO flames, and all they can do is raise their little LEGO arms in tiny terror.

But you wouldn’t know they were upset since all of them have smiles painted on their respective faces. Such is the plight of a LEGO minifigure – forever cast to a single expression until you swap or spin their head brick.

One of ’em is even carrying a LEGO pitchfork – like that’s going to do him any good! I hope they all have LEGO insurance.

How Many Home Video Game Consoles Have You Ever Owned?

Do you remember your first gaming system? Which games did you play the most? I’ve never been a hard-core gamer, but I have always enjoyed playing games. I’m a casual gamer. I may try my hand at the hottest new FPS, but I know that I won’t be very good at it. I play for the fun of it, not to see if I can beat the next guy’s score or have bragging rights at the end of the day.

How many of these have you owned?

LEGO Video Game Consoles

No, not the LEGO representations of the home entertainment video game consoles, but the game systems themselves?

I’d have to say that in this grouping (photographed, by the way, at the 2010 BrickCon)… the first one I owned was an Atari 2600. Didn’t we all?

Next, our family had a NES – the Nintendo! Oh, man… that one brings back memories.

Fast forward a few years, to when I had a Gameboy – at least, I think that tiny brick assembly is a Gameboy? That was my first portable game system, either way.

I also had a Sega Game Gear, but I don’t know if that’s pictured above. Could be, unless that’s a Sony PSP (in which case, I had one of those, too – although long after I had an Xbox).

Oh, then there’s the Nintendo Gamecube – had that for a brief while, along with a Sony PlayStation 2. These two didn’t get much play, so to speak. They collected dust. I haven’t been a very good gamer lately.

Uh, let’s see – the Wii! Yes, and the PS3. Although, much like their respective brand predecessors, they aren’t getting much play in my home today. Maybe all of that will change when I get more time to play instead of working on uploading blog posts and photos of LEGO video game consoles?

LEGO Inception

LEGO Inception

Here’s my synopsis of the movie, Inception:

  1. You’re dreaming.
  2. No, you’re not – this is real.
  3. No, this is a real dream.
    No, the dream is real.

  4. No, you’re dreaming that the dream is real.
  5. No, the movie reel is showing you that the dream is real.
  6. No, the movie is a dream.
  7. No, you’re dreaming of the movie.
  8. No, you’re really dreaming of the dream of a movie.
  9. No, you’re really not dreaming of the dream.

The end.

Oh, and the scene from above was discovered at this year’s BrickCon. Were you there? No, you were just DREAMING of being there. Fail!

Have You Ever Visited a LEGO Museum?

LEGO Museum

I’d totally go if I was given a chance, but I’ve never really been in the vicinity of one. Sure, there’s always LEGOLAND, but that’s more for the kids – and I’m a big kid. I mean, adult.

An (A)dult (F)an (O)f (L)EGO, specifically – an AFOL.

That’s me on the far right – in the sleeveless, black shirt. I’m all happy because… okay, that’s not really me. I’m not a minifig – not even close.

I stand about 5’5″ tall, which is one inch too tall to be considered proper minifigure scale. Maybe next year I’ll be short enough to ride this ride.

Would You Want to Own a Dragon?

LEGO Dragon

Can’t say I’ve ever been a fan of large, scaly things. Maybe if all dragons were made out of LEGO bricks, I’d be a bit more likely to want to have my own.

Then again, what do LEGO dragons really eat – and do they poop more bricks? Maybe a real LEGO dragon wouldn’t be so bad to have, after all.

As always, if you want to see a larger version of the photo (snapped at this year’s BrickCon), you can click on the thumbnail and view ‘er in a larger capacity. I wouldn’t recommend previewing it in the largest capacity, however – since it’s a dragon we’re talking about.

Wouldn’t want to set your monitor on fire.