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What is BP Hiding from the World?

Mikeya asked fellow Lockergnome members if they feel that the oil spill is worse than what is being reported. It’s funny that I ran across that question today. My good friend and photographer Kris Krug just wrapped up a week down in the Gulf. He was photographing the oil spill from the air for the TEDxOilSpill Expedition, a project that aimed to collect first-hand information for presentation at a conference scheduled for June 28 in Washington D.C. Kris was also taking photographs for National Geographic.

According to Kris, we cannot begin to imagine the scope of this tragedy. ““It looks likes dirty dishwater in some places, with that rainbow, reflective sheen,” Krug recalled. “It looks like sewage sludge in others, where rusty-coloured orange and brown and black sludge is bubbling up from the bottom.” KK believes fully that BP is busy blocking true press access to the devastation. ““Every time we showed up anywhere, we were approached by guys in badges, asking us who were, what we were doing, and telling us to not cross this line or that line.”

You can find all of Kris’ stunning pictures taken down in the Gulf on his Flickr pages, including the above embedded photo.

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Clean Up the Gulf Oil Spill With Your Hair

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill is quickly becoming a big threat to many coastal states. Oil is already washing ashore in Lousiana and is expected to hit Alabama and Florida shores in the next two to three days. Since the April 20 explosion on drilling rig Deepwater Horizon, oil has been pouring into the Gulf from a blown-out undersea well at a rate of about 210,000 gallons per day. Trying to stop the leak will be an overwhelming endeavor, which could take months to accomplish. This oil spill could impact at least 10 wildlife management areas in the state of Louisiana and Mississippi.

Sending monetary donations aren’t going to slow down the oil. BP is taking care of that. There is a very unique way that you can help, and it is a critical move to help save the marine life and birds that are native to the Gulf Coast area.

Send your hair and old nylons to Matter of Trust – or get your beautician and barber to send in their customers’ discarded hair. Any hair and any nylons will do when it comes to making oil containment booms to absorb the oil… including pet hair. Hair absorbs oil… even the kind of oil flowing through the Gulf. Hair salons and pet-grooming businesses are encouraged to contact Matter of Trust in order to receive information on how to help. Why throw all those locks away, when you can be helping to save fish and animals… and possibly the jobs of thousands of people who depend on those habitats for their livelihood (such as shrimpers).

Even if you don’t have enough hair to cut off, you can get involved by sending old pantyhose. Heck, if you don’t have any lying about the house (I know I don’t!), you can head to your local WalMart and buy a few pairs to send. I’m told by a friend that they are relatively cheap unless you are trying to buy something that will control your top. I’m of the don’t ask – don’t tell mind on this. I don’t want to know what you women are trying to control.

In any case, let’s pull together and do what we can to try and help stop the oil from endangering even more of our gorgeous coastal areas. Contact Matter of Trust today to see how you can help.