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Where to Buy College Textbooks

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Not only is tuition insanely expensive, so are the books you need to buy. I remember when I went to college, I had to take out student loans, just to pay for all the books and manuals. Then, of course, you go to the bookstore to try and sell them at the end of the semester. You’re lucky at that point to get a couple of dollars for each book. They’ll claim the book has writing in it, or that it’s now out-of-date! Argh!!! We all know that when you’re going to college, every single penny counts.

I wanted to tell you about a site that can help you save big money on textbooks! CampusBooks is a site that can help you locate and buy your books for a fraction of what it would normally cost you on your physical college campus.

CampusBooks compares textbook prices for new and used textbooks including tax, shipping, coupons and promotions from dozens of bookstores. They make it easy for you to buy college textbooks and make sure that you get the best deal for the upcoming term. Some books can be bought for up to a whopping 90% off of the normal list price!!!

It’s so easy to start saving money with CampusBooks. Simply type in a book title, keyword(s) or even the ISBN number and search. You’ll be given a list of books, places to buy from, prices with tax and shipping and more!

Alternately to searching, you can follow @campusbooks on Twitter. Send them a DM with the ISBN number of the book you need, and they’ll send you a DM back with a link to exactly where you can buy your book for the best price!!! Word has it they’re also busy working on an iPhone App!

You can also sell your used books, as well! Simply register for the site and start selling. You’ll make more money than you would by “giving” them back to your campus bookstore, that’s for sure.

Shop easy and smart this year. Save yourself a wad of money, and don’t use it all on pizza!!

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