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Kick Ass With the Best Browser Bookmark – EVER

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Pew pew pew! Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew! Pew pew! Okay, maybe I’m having too much fun with this browser bookmarklet today.

Scott Hanselman tweeted out the link to this site earlier today, and I haven’t been able to drag myself away from it since then. I’m always interested in bookmarklets that are fun. If you’re bored, you can click on this site to kick some major ass.

Drag and drop the link into your bookmark toolbar. If you’re browsing a web page and you’re annoyed by what you see. You want to kick some ass against the offending ad or content, right? Click your handy little bookmarklet and start shooting everything in site.

Control the Asteroids-like icon and hit the space bar to destroy various elements on the page before you. Thanks to Scott for letting me know about this. I will definitely be keeping it.

Instead of threatening to unsubscribe when you don’t like something we’ve done, why not just kick ass?

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How to Improve the Readability of a Web Page for Free

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Boomarklets are awesome. I remember the first time I saw them – I was amazed! You find them on web pages, and you press the button linked to them. They’ll do a variety of things, depending on what they were designed to do. I used to use Internet Explorer, and have now switched to Safari. So, some of the bookmarklets I’ve made over the years no longer work. Certain bookmarklets will only work in certain browsers. The reason I’m bringing this up is that one: they’re actually just awesome. And two, you should always install them when you can, since they do a variety of great things. One I’ve recently found will help improve the readability of web pages.

The Readability Experiment by the folks at the arc90 lab is a browser bookmarklet. Reading anything on the Internet has become a full-on nightmare. As media outlets attempt to eke out as much advertising revenue as possible, we’re left trying to put blinders on to mask away all the insanity that surrounds the content we’re trying to read.

First you configure it: choose your style, including text size and page margin size. Make it look the way you would like, so that you’re more tempted to read it. If you’re on any web page that is annoying you because it wasn’t designed well, you can use it to ‘clean up’ the page. It will remove the unnecessary things you don’t want to see. I went to a post in my blog and clicked the Readability bookmarklet. It removed the video, the comments, and even the ads. It removed everything other than the actual content.

Readability is a very cool project. You can use it anywhere. My recommendation is to use it on MySpace, since they aren’t the best-designed pages on the planet. If you want to read any page easier without fighting through nonsense, install Readability.

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TagJag in Firefox

From Rickie Dickie, a passionate OPMLer – pointing out that grazr makes TagJag OPML much more usable on-demand:

Here’s a TagJag / grazr mashup smart bookmarklet for Firefox (right-click and add this link to your Bookmarks). Written as a smartlet – but JUST in case you don’t know what that is, you name the bookmark keyword to something like “tags” and then in the address bar type “tags gnomedex” to browse TagJag’s OPML for that keyword in grazr. I posted HTML embedding script; check out grazr’s site for particulars.

The equiv favelet (bookmarklet) for either IE or Firefox would be something like this:

[js]javascript:d=document;wgS=window.getSelection;dgS=d.getSelection();dS=d.Selection;q=(encodeURIComponent(‘%s’)==’%2525s’?”:’%s’)+(wgS?wgS():dgS?dgS():dS?dS.createRange().text:”);if (!q)q=prompt(‘Enter tag’,”);open(‘http://grazr.com/gzpanel?font=Tahoma,sans-serif&fontsize=8pt&file=http%3A//tagjag.com/all/’ + q + ‘/opml’);void(‘rickdog’)[/js]

This favelet is written to work like this:

  • If nothing is selected and there is no smartlet argument on the address line, you’re prompted for a keyword
  • If text is selected and there is no smartlet argument, the selected text is the keyword
  • If no text is selected but there is a smartlet argument, the argument is the keyword
  • If both text is selected and there’s a smartlet argument, they are combined to make a single keyword (smartlet + selected text)

I must also note the new Maxthon TagJag sidebar plugin – which is still getting tweaked. Oh, and Rickie Dickie also grazjag’ed a YubNub!