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iPad Dancing on a Head

See what happens when I leave my iPad at home while I’m on the road? I’m out there slaving away and making money, and Imei decides to dance with the device balanced on her head! What if that thing had fallen and gotten hurt?

Imei says that her little “Chris left the iPad behind at home” victory dance was done using celebratory Punjabi music. This was improvisational Indian Bhangra style dance with some of her own iPad-inspired moves thrown in for good measure.

Even after watching this video, I went ahead and left the iPad at home again while I’m gone in Hawaii for a conference. Will I ever learn? What do you think I’ll find this time when I get back?

When Do They Sleep?

While it might be interesting to figure out when your Twitter contacts manage to sleep, I have a feeling the poor application isn’t going to work properly with friends on my lists. It’s a known fact that Geeks don’t really sleep. We tend to zone out in front of the screen for a few moments, then resume our normal level of productivity.

The application is supposed to be simple to use. All you need to do is enter the username of a person on Twitter. The algorithm will then determine the person’s approximate sleeping schedule based on periods of activity. To get an idea of what you’ll learn, the site has already compiled a list of sleeping patterns of Bollywood Celebrities and Tech Superstars, including me!

I have already found one major flaw. The findings claim that I am more likely to sleep between 1am and 7am (or 6 hours). I know darn well I’m never in bed that early unless I have somewhere to be the next morning. In addition… I guarantee I’m not up that ungodly early unless there is something important happening. I’m not a morning person!

It’s still interesting to see the results by using this little experiment. When do you sleep? Is the site close to correct?