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Are You Ready to Visit Space?

How old were you when you decided you were going to be an Astronaut? I don’t know too many people who didn’t dream of this career as a child. What cooler job could there possibly be than to defy gravity and hang out somewhere out there? I think I was probably four or five the first time I informed the world at large (meaning: mom and dad) that I was going into space some day. Some thirty years later, I’m still patiently waiting to blast off. While I am never going to be an Astronaut, I might still get a small tour of space in a few years, thanks to Boeing.

By the year 2015, Boeing plans to offer commercial space tours in the CST-100 (Crew Space Transportation-100) low-orbit flights. The flights will be operated in conjunction with Space Adventures. They’ll carry seven passengers about 62 miles above the surface of the Earth. The ships are already being developed with the help of NASA. The vehicles could even be used to transport visitors to and from various space habitats that are rumored to be under development.

We are excited about the potential to offer flights on Boeing’s spacecraft,” said Eric Anderson, co-founder and chairman of Space Adventures. “With our customer experience and Boeing’s heritage in human spaceflight, our goal is not only to benefit the individuals who fly to space, but also to help make the resources of space available to the commercial sector by bringing the value from space back to Earth.

Space Adventures has already flown seven spaceflight participants (during eight missions) to the International Space Station. It’s not so far-fetched to realize that we really can head out in a space shuttle in the very near future!

How to Fly on the iPad

I’m willing to bet that as a child many of you dreamed of becoming a pilot when you grew up. Even though most of us didn’t end up going to flight school, we can still fly planes using our iPad, computer and desktop computers! The makers of X-Plane makes it simple for us. These mobile applications have a flight model that is about 95% as accurate as that of the desktop simulator. Heck, they are 95% as accurate as the simulator currently being used by companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and NASA. They also have many of the same weather, sky, and time conditions available.

The X-Plane Trainer app gives you a small free look into what you’ll get should you purchase the full version (for your mobile device or desktop). I’m extremely tempted to get this one for myself. Who wouldn’t love to fly a plane? I can already tell that I’ll be busy tilting my whole body as I try to fly in the direction I want to go and yelling out loud when it doesn’t work!

Have you tried this app out yet? What are your thoughts?