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It’s not often that I upload outtakes from the live stream, but today was an exception – not because I wanted to, but because the standing (latest) video was another outtake that had generated 15,000 views in a day’s time on YouTube. I thought we’d have more to upload yesterday, but I was mistaken.

I’m left wondering if I should post more outtakes (as snapped by members of the community)?

I don’t mind that people record and upload outtakes to their own channel, so long as they let me know they’re doing so (I need to claim them from my end, so it’s always cool). Going “behind the scenes” is awesome for those who aren’t there when something wacky happens, and I don’t usually capture videos beyond that which get uploaded to the YouTube channel and podcast feed.

Either way, if you capture something you think is funny (and it’s a quality recording), let me know and maybe we can throw it into an official rotation?

So, what was this mysterious video that generated so much traffic in such a short time? Part of the blooper reel from when I was muddling through a few Ustream problems while trying to record my first Guitar Hero experience. I was not having a good time, but I did have… well, the video speaks for itself (don’t worry, it’s short):

What baffles me most is that this five-second video has also spawned 293 text comments. Do I need to drop this educational angle and just go for insipidity? I spend so much time trying to create quality content, but does the Internet only care about… this? And yes, that was a true left cheek sneak – not a layered sound effect. I replaced this as the “latest video” today on my YouTube channel with this outtake as recorded by UncleJohn. Thank goodness he came to the rescue and unearthed a mid-summer gadgetfest before I had to do something drastic:

That’s the remote control helicopter I got from ThinkGeek a few months ago – playing with it on-camera (like this embedded video) would likely have driven just as many video views as the original review I posted. Maybe I need to do less talking, more outtaking?

BlogWare Export / WordPress Import

I was banging my head up against the wall with BlogWare. For a novice user, it’s fine – but in the time I moved to it (from MovableType, originally), so much had happened with WordPress development. I’ve been scouring the Web for the “must have” plugins, and am finding them relatively easy to implement and tweak. There’s still a learning curve here, but I’m much happier now that I’m away from BlogWare’s “you have exceeded your bandwidth” notices that just started to pop up due to my alleged popularity. I’m still snagged by BlogWare bloopers, including not having flexible export options. That said, Shayne was able to customize an existing script to get most everything he could out of the old system and into WordPress. I now wish to share with the world the BlogWare Import Plugin for WordPress (created by Gada.be’s very own Shayne Sweeney). I hope Matt puts it into future installs.