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Bye-Bye BlogWare

You know what really grinds my gears? Nobody’s come up with a new priest and a rabbi joke in like thirty years. Ya know? That, and when I can’t get something done because I’m waiting on someone else to do what they need to do first. I get antsy. Such was the case in trying to get everything I put into my BlogWare account out of it.

To their support staff, I wrote: “As I posted on one of your lists, I’m leaving BlogWare. However, there’s virtually no way to access my files easily / en masse (photos, attachments, etc.). Your export utility is feeble and doesn’t export all of my stored data (like keywords, for example). I’m trying to work around your export limitations, but still need a way to get those other files (photos, attachments, etc.).” Siobhan McLaughlin flipped a few swtiches, promising better export features for other BlogWare users in the future:

One of our operations team members has moved your files to be accessible via FTP. The files in _attachments is now in a folder called attachments, _photos is in a folder called Photos. I can complete it for other BW members on an as needed basis, just as we did for you. After your experience, we have started discussing internally that we should re-design the export function. We will also have to add in an ability to dump the files in a virtual directory to a real directory.

The BlogWare platform isn’t horrible – it’s just incredibly inflexible, and painfully not-open-source. When I switched to it (from MovableType) a few years ago, I was expecting constant updates, further feature refinement, continual development, etc. That’s not what happened, though. For a while, it was “security through obscurity.” Then, the spammers started to hit BlogWare with everything they had – and BlogWare is still struggling to keep up. TrackBack management was laughable to begin with in BlogWare, and that problem only got worse with the onslaught of nefarious digital data warlords. That’s ultimately what drove me away from BlogWare, truly. It’s an increasingly-antequated platform when compared to WordPress – for novices and experts alike. Sorry, TuCows.

Warning to All BlogWare Users

I’ve been waiting over a week to hear back from BlogWare support on a request to retrieve my files from their system. They do provide FTP access for a small set of files, but not all of them. You see, when you upload an image, it gets stored in the _photos directory. When you upload any other file through an entry form, it gets placed in the _attachments directory. Both of these directories are virtual. I was able to get all the images out of the _photos “directory” through spidering the site, but I still can’t get the files in the _attachements “directory.” Asking TuCows to do this for me is tantamount to asking Steve Jobs for the source code to OS X. If BlogWare isn’t going to give me access to my files, I’m going to have to find some other way to get ’em. If any of you care to spider chris.lockergnome.net and grab all the files in the _attachments “directory, be my guest – and let me know where you put ’em so that I can get ’em from you (as my spidering efforts don’t seem to be effective for that virtual location). If you’re going to become a BlogWare user, understand that you may face the same problem at some point, too (or already have).

From BlogWare to WordPress – Part Deux

Getting the code out of BlogWare and into WordPress was one thing. Getting everything else to work well has been something of a task. All my old URLs didn’t have any helpful keywords in them, so the 404 redirect script I found wasn’t working as effectively as it might have. Shayne pointed out that both the old URLs and new URLs have date information in them, so it would just take a little scripting before things would work easier for all those search engine visitors. I’ve got a new Google Sitemap submitted, FWIW.

I remembered the WP-Hackers, which we used to develop a Gada.be plugin – both standalone, and for the amazingly awesome Ultimate Tag Warrior. I posted my request, and received several satisfactory answers. Mark Jaquith responded with a single line of code that needed to be placed at the top of the .htaccess file. Easy. Done. Awesome.

BlogWare Export / WordPress Import

I was banging my head up against the wall with BlogWare. For a novice user, it’s fine – but in the time I moved to it (from MovableType, originally), so much had happened with WordPress development. I’ve been scouring the Web for the “must have” plugins, and am finding them relatively easy to implement and tweak. There’s still a learning curve here, but I’m much happier now that I’m away from BlogWare’s “you have exceeded your bandwidth” notices that just started to pop up due to my alleged popularity. I’m still snagged by BlogWare bloopers, including not having flexible export options. That said, Shayne was able to customize an existing script to get most everything he could out of the old system and into WordPress. I now wish to share with the world the BlogWare Import Plugin for WordPress (created by Gada.be’s very own Shayne Sweeney). I hope Matt puts it into future installs.

From BlogWare to WordPress

I hate to sound cliche, but… I’m UNDER CONSTRUCTION. In the past couple of days, I’ve been quite silent. Partially, because I’ve been flushing my inbox of necessary tasks (largely Gnomedex related). Partially, because Shayne and I have been working on getting WordPress running on our new servers. That, and I spent some time trying to find a template I liked (and could work with). What you should see before you is the “new” me – with archived posts all the way back to the beginning of chris.pirillo.com – 2002! Insane.