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Geek Eye for the Sloppy Guy – a Beginning

I think my new idea is catching on rather well. “Geek Eye for the Sloppy Guy”. I can’t help but love that title for the series I’m doing – beauty tips for guys! Who knows – maybe it will turn into a television show someday! Ok, ok – maybe not. But hey… anything can happen! Have you seen the latest additions to the series?

I’ve been busy doing other things, as well. Don’t worry – I’m still a techie at heart! Just because I tend to take pride in how well-groomed I am doesn’t mean I’m not still a complete Geek! I love to read about anything and everything, especially things that all of you from the community put out there. I spend hours a day just checking out what’s what, who’s where, and why wonders never cease! Are you reading what your peers are doing?

Tagging Technorati

Technorati Tag Overload

In his latest “State of the Blogosphere” report, Technorati founder Dave Sifry finally conceded defeat to spam from BlogSpot and .info domains. His team of developers will be issuing Technorati 3.0 SP1 within a few weeks to address this climate shift.

The impending update will transmogrify Technorati.com from a hub of live Web content into a portal where only the latest spam posts and splogs are indexed and displayed. All junk entries, all the time! It’s a market that’s gone largely underserved until now.

A-List mortgage and erectile dysfunction bloggers were not available for comment.

Source: Technorati.com
Domain: Technoerrati.com

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bLaugh: The (un)Official Comic of the Blogosphere

I love to laugh – so now I’m preparing the world to bLaugh! Today, we’re launching the (un)Official comic of the blogosphere – colorful, satirical, and comical. Expect parodies of “A-List” bloggers all the way down to the meme of the day – no holds barred. Brad Fitzpatrick is bLaugh’s artist, and I’m the writer. The strip is exclusively sponsored by a single company, GoDaddy. We have a bLaugh feed for you to suck down – and we’ll rotate the daily comic image in a static URL to encourage deep-linking from anywhere (widgets, anyone?). Of course, all you ego-whores should be watching closely – because you’re likely the ones to be parodied on a regular basis. If you blog, or your name (brand) is getting tossed around in the blogosphere, you’re on our radar. That includes you, Hugh and Jacek (because we love everybody equally).

Gnomedex Sex

Susan Mernit wants to talk about sex at Gnomedex:

I’m going to be talking about sex and relationships at Gnomedex this year–specifically about the bloggers, vbloggers, podcasters and photographers who are using Web 2.0 tools to give voice to their longings and experiences with a vitality unmatched since the Victorian era and the communities forming around these topics. This isn’t a talk about porn, though much of this work is erotic; it’s a talk about how digital identities (masked and cloaked in many cases) have enabled regular people–many of them geeks–to build a frank and authentic shadow world focused on free expression, sharing, and sexual celebration–and to connect with one another.

This is going to be an interesting discussion. Albeit an awkard one with my parents in the room. I still remember “the talk.”

BloggerCon was Awesome

BloggerCon was awesome. I only have a few regrets, all of which are my fault: (1) This was my first BloggerCon experience;(2) I had Windows Vista on my laptop, which drained my battery at an alarming rate; (3) We had to leave early and miss the final Hokey Pokey. Dave says he’s going to quit blogging soon, but I hope he doesn’t stop doing BloggerCons.