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Stan James – Lijit

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Lijit was one of our sponsors for Gnomedex 2007. They were gracious enough to provide me with one of the MacBooks that we used during the conference. (THANK YOU again!) Here, Stan James of Lijit talks with Molly Stanberry.

Lijit.com provides revolutionary search tools and stats for your blog. Install the Lijit Search Wijit on your blog to give readers the most relevant results from a source they trust… YOU. Or, receive compelling and detailed stats that help you better understand and serve your reader community. You’ve likely spent a lot of time writing blog posts, bookmarking sites you like, posting photos and videos, and creating the perfect blogroll. That makes for a lot of YOU online — a collective reflection of your personality, interests, network, and expertise. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way for others to benefit from all of that effort…or is there? Lijit allows you to easily create your own search engine. One that searches your blog, bookmarks, photos, blogroll, and more. By offering the Lijit Search Wijit on your blog, readers can search all of YOU. In turn, Lijit gives you detailed statistics about those searches, so you can better understand and serve your reader community.

Stan not only is the founder and CEO of Ligit, he also has a personal blog. Stan James is the founder and CTO of Lijit Networks, Inc., based in Boulder, Colorado. (www.lijit.com) Lijit’s Personal Network Search is the first vertical search technology centered on people, their content and their trusted network. It is is based on his masters thesis about online trust. (www.getoutfoxed.com) Before graduate school, Stan worked for VR-1 Entertainment where he led the design and development of multiplayer browser-based games for Microsoft, AOL, Deutsche-Telekom, and Hasbro. Stan has a masters degree in Cognitive Science from the University of Osnabrück, and bachelor degrees in Philosophy and Computer Science from the University of Colorado.

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Eric Berto

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Eric Berto talking with Molly Stanberry at Gnomedex 2007.

Etelos.com provides on-demand, customizable browser-based applications on the hosting environment that you choose. Etelos’ technology for developing and deploying on-demand applications is revolutionizing the world of software distribution. The Etelos Marketplace gives developers an easy way to license, distribute and host their applications and businesses a wide selection of fully customizable, on-demand applications to buy.

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Do People Still Use Web Guestbooks?

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – Several years ago, almost all personal websites (and many business ones) had guest books on them that visitors could sign. These days, you just don’t find them anymore.

An email from William726:

I have a basic question, I would like to know your thoughts on guestbook’s for a website. Do you think that having a guestbook on a website is a thing of the past or do you think that it can be a cool feature to add? I remember years ago when browsing the web and visiting personal websites that guestbook’s were fairly common,
nowadays they seem to be fading and you don’t see that many around anymore. Maybe this is due to people being spammed but there are great guestbook’s out there that can virtually stop spam all together.

Well William, the fact of the matter is that guest books are pretty well outdated, antiquated and just old. There is much more functionality with blog software, and that’s what most people tend to use now.
As Allan says, with a blog people can make comments on specific posts and ideas. With a guest book, they have to leave a comment or a hello in a general area. That doesn’t invite much discussion.
If you don’t want to actually “blog”, why not install the software, make one introductory post, and then allow comments? The software will be more up-to-date and secure than any guest book you will likely find.
What do you all think? Do you use a guest book, or did you in the past? Do you feel they should be brought back, or left in the dust of yesteryear?

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To Link or not to Link

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – A community member at large wrote in to ask why some Websites in this day and age do not use any type of Hyperlinking, to link to outside articles, products and Websites. I understand the reasoning behind some sites, but fully believe you HAVE to have links to the outside world in order to drive traffic back to yourself.

Many news sites may not use any type of Hyperlink on their site. Much of what they put on their site is bascially copied and pasted to be used to read live, or else to put into actual print. You can’t exactly click a link in print, or while the newscaster is talking!

Nothing gives you more traffice on your site, though, than when you link to outside sources and receive Trackbacks. You shouldn’t have too many links within any given post, but you do have to have SOME. How else are people going to find you?

Any time I talk about a specific product, service, or Website in a video, I link back to it in the blog write-up. Well, I should say we link back to it. Kat is the person who helps me out with the video converting, editing, embedding and write ups. She makes sure to do the research on what I record, get the proper links, and add them to the write-up. This allows you to get more information as you read or watch my videos, and also allows others on those sites to find us. Well… hopefully anyway. Knock on… particle board!

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Where Should I Blog?

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – Should a new blogger go it on their own, or should they join a blogging network? There is no right or wrong answer to this. The best option depends largely on your expectations, wants and needs..

A blog is a platform to communicate ideas, whether personal or professional (or anything in between). There are advantages and disadvantages to both going out on your own as a blogger, and becoming part of a blogging network such as Lockergnome.com. Let’s take a look at the various aspects of each type:

Advantages of going your own route:

  • You can buy a domain name of your choosing, using a service such as GoDaddy. Be sure and use the coupon code chris1 at checkout to receive a discount!
  • You can choose your own blogging software and templates. There are many types available for free use.
  • You can change the look/feel/direction of your blog on a whim. You are the “boss” so to speak, so you can do whatever you like with your blog at any given moment.

Disadvantages of going your own route:

  • Your blog and content needs to stand out, but can easily get lost. If you’re wanting to write about something specific, chances are someone else already is, as well.
  • In order to be noticed, you have to be fresh, unique, and different. This can become difficult very quickly to an inexperienced blogger.
  • It’s not an easy task to learn how to properly use key words, catergories and even meta tags to get your blog indexed by the various search engine spiders.

Advantages of becoming part of a blogging network:

  • You are reliant on someone else when it comes to blog promotion, cross-promotion, and the like. This completely removes the task of getting your word “out there” from your hands.

Disadvantages of becoming part of a blogging network:

  • You may or may not own your content
  • You may or may not have a url that you can actually share

As you can see, there truly is no “right way” to blog. When you are ready to joing the blogging world, decide what your goals are, and then make your blog type choice based on your personal needs.

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What is a Blog?

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – What exactly is a blog you ask? I define a blog as a personal publishing platform.

If you use a homepage to keep the outside world updated on your life, your business, and your thoughts, you have to do all the work by hand. Most web pages are edited using HTML, which stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. You’ll edit a single file the hard way, entering code for the formatting…the links…the text. Getting it just right can be difficult.

Enter blog software! Originally created by our good friend Dave Winer, blog software allows companies and individuals to manage their content easily and effectively. Open your blog in your internet browser, type in a subject line and some content, maybe add some links or pictures, and click the publish button. VOILA! You are done. Your blog post magically appears nice and pretty, all formatted and ready to read.

My personal blog is found at chris.pirillo.com. There is an archive of all my videos, along with more written content/description found at media.pirillo.com. Where is your blog? I always love to have new blogs to subscribe to, but I cannot promise to keep updated with everyone’s daily lives. If you put your heart and soul into a post, or have something truly important you want to share, be sure to stop by our chat room at live.pirillo.comand give us the link.

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You Know I Love You, Jason

The Calacanis Circus

Jason Calacanis spent billions of dollars on socially engineering a social bookmarking experiment, only to discover that his paid socialites were bookmarking a single page on Gizmodo.com over and over again.

The failure of this project really took its toll on Calacanis. Jason started showing up for work in full ringleader regalia, and AOL executives started to become a bit concerned. When paying for links didn’t work, he started paying people NOT to link – and that effort, too, failed miserably.

It was then that Calacanis turned his attention to the anti-social demographic. Enlisting help from the Asociation of Shy Superbloggers – or ASS for short – Weblogs Inc. was able to launch The Stalker Blog, The Serial Killer Blog, and Whoretexx (a blog for psychotic hookers).

Source: The Jason Calacanis Weblog
Domain: Calacantis.com

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From BlogWare to WordPress

I hate to sound cliche, but… I’m UNDER CONSTRUCTION. In the past couple of days, I’ve been quite silent. Partially, because I’ve been flushing my inbox of necessary tasks (largely Gnomedex related). Partially, because Shayne and I have been working on getting WordPress running on our new servers. That, and I spent some time trying to find a template I liked (and could work with). What you should see before you is the “new” me – with archived posts all the way back to the beginning of chris.pirillo.com – 2002! Insane.