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Bloggers are Getting Younger Every Day

The newest member of our Lockergnome blog community happens to be young Froyoca. This site is invite-only, and it’s more than awesome to see someone so young have the skills needed to write as well as he does.

You can check out his blog weekly to find his thoughts on the latest news in technology and trends. He also plans to post weekly tips about Diabetes, since he lives with that every day of his life.

If you’re interested in blogging with us and receiving a 50/50 split in revenue, you can apply with the site and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

WordPress Vs. Tumblr

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During live calls recently, Alex called in to ask my opinion on the differences between using WordPress and using Tumblr to blog. Tumblr is a great service and it works very well with almost zero downtime. However, I still prefer WordPress. I don’t like the limitations placed on users by closed platforms such as Tumblr.

I feel that Tumblr (and other systems like it) don’t provide me with any benefits. The reason I set up the Premium LockerGnome site is to help others get started on their own blogging path with WordPress.

Alex pointed out that he prefers the functionality of Tumblr and the many features it offers. I’m sure there’s a plugin (or more than one) out there somewhere for WP that will give you those same types of features. I am just adamant that I don’t want to use something that is so closed and unable to be easily changed and “manipulated” to suit my needs.

Don’t get me wrong; Tumblr is a good service. I have a Tumblr account myself! In terms of dramatically different, it’s not much different than what most people would expect from a blogging platform. Tumblr (and others like it) could disappear within a year or two (or may be bought out). It happens all of the time. With something so large and open source like WordPress, you just don’t have to worry about that.

What are your thoughts? Which type of blogging platform do you use — and why?

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