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Social Media Battles Childhood Cancer

The first time I wrote about my friend Drew Olanoff, he was speaking at Gnomedex about his battle against cancer. Drew was given the all-clear not long after that, thankfully. However, he vowed to continue the fight against cancer and uses social media to help spread his message. He has a lot of creative ideas that don’t always get to see the light of day. His newest venture, however, made its debut tonight.

Drew and his friend @Natasha (yes, THAT Natasha) put their heads together to create @LightLeague. The charity venture brings together their love of social media, fundraising for charities – and kicking the shit out of cancer. LightLeague’s plan is simple yet powerful: “Shining Light on Charities through the Power of Community and Art.”

Drew and Natasha did just that tonight during their first live event. Drew recently moved into a new home on the beach. Natasha is, of course, a fantastic artist. They both love Twitter and the little bird. Drew loves the color orange. Both of them support Alex’s Lemonade. Natasha created an amazing piece of artwork for Drew and they opened up donations to the charity. Their goal for tonight was $999.00. They succeeded that by a few hundred dollars at last count. Every person who donated had their name painted into the picture at the end of the night.

The fight isn’t over for any of us. Cancer touches us all in ways we hoped to never have to deal with. Alex’s Lemonade strives to help fight cancer in children by raising awareness and money. Even though the art festivities have ended, you can still contribute to this fabulous cause if you choose. Every dollar – and every prayer – counts in this war on cancer.

You can create your own LightLeague event. Natasha is willing to travel to other locations to paint while helping to raise money for a charity that touches your heart. Together, we can make a difference.

Mustaches Vs Cancer

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Andrea Wojcik was a Gnomedex attendee this past August. She is passionate about causes, and helping to raise money for Pediatric Oncology. She discovered a very cool website that she wanted to talk about during our Gnomedex Show and Tell! Mustaches Vs Cancer is an organization whose motto is: “Kids can’t grow mustaches, and they shouldn’t have cancer, either”.

Even though no child deserves cancer, those who are diagnosed definitely deserve the best care and the best chance at a cure available. We all know that a mustache is the gift that keeps on giving, by creating a more dignified and aesthetically appealing population. But now that killer ‘stache can do even more; it can help fight a killer. Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease (non-accidental) among children.

In order to participate, all one needs to do is grow a mustache and take a picture of it at least once a week to post on the website. Donors pick their favorite ‘stache face and sponsor the efforts. There is a twist, though. If a mustache continue to bring in at least ten dollars a week, then the wearer will have to continue growing it! This will help bring in maximum donations, as well as keep the facial hair growing!

It’s easy to participate, and fun to donate. Be sure to check out Mustaches Vs Cancer and help work towards a cure for childhood cancers. Even if you don’t think you look good sporting a ‘stache, you can just remind yourself that just this once – it isn’t about you!

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