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Do You Rely on Your Phone?

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Someone asked recently if I could live without my cell phone. Ten years ago, I could have. Back then, my phone wasn’t smart at all. It was big. It had a lot of buttons on it. But it didn’t really DO much.

These days, my smartphone has turned into the best computer I’ve ever had. It’s with me anytime I leave the room, let alone the house. I don’t (and can’t) always carry my iPad or laptop with me. I certainly don’t haul my desktop around. My phone is always in my pocket and I can use it to do nearly anything I can do with the other devices.

My phone allows me to stay better connected with the world around me. I’m able to do most of what I need to do from wherever I am – I’m even always online. This is a more powerful computer than what I had back in high school. I don’t need a physical keyboard or mouse for a device to be a computer. It’s a basic input/output device. That’s all I need.

I don’t know if – today – I could live without my phone. I truly don’t think I could. How about you? Could you live without your phone?

Robots Confirm iPhone Touch Screen is the Best

Robot Touchscreen Analysis from MOTO Development Group on Vimeo.

Many of us have known for awhile that the touch screen on the iPhone is far and away the best there is. MOTO Labs (no relation to Motorola) recently tested several phones against each other, including the iPhone, Google’s Nexus One, the Motorola Droid, a Palm Pre, an HTC Droid Eris, and a BlackBerry Storm 2. The robots tested the phones by using the SimpleDraw application, and the iPhone won by a landslide. The Nexus One came in a very distant second place.

The test was done using a 7mm robotic “finger” to represent a “medium touch”. The test was repeated using a 4mm robotic finger to represent a “very light” touch. In both tests, the iPhone was found to have straight and accurate lines. The iPhone did show a slight weakness at the edge of the panel with the light touch. MOTO stated that the Nexus One gave a “solid performance,” but just didn’t measure up to the iPhone. The worst performance came from the Motorola Droid, which had significant waviness with the medium-touch test, and dropped signal often during light-touch testing.

MOTO made a point of saying that a touch panel alone doesn’t make a “good” smart phone. The screen must also perform well when combined with the phone’s operating system to ensure a maximum level of responsiveness.

I didn’t need robots to tell me this. I’ve known for quite a while that my iPhone outperforms any other smart phone I have tested to date when it comes to the ease of use on the touch screen. It just plain WORKS. That, my fellow Geeks, is what it’s all about at the end of the day. We have things to do, and we need to use what works.

iPhone vs Droid vs Pre vs Nexus One vs Blackberry Screens

You can read the report for yourself:

A touchscreen is a touchscreen, right? Hardly! As MOTO pointed out in our recent Do-It-Yourself Touchscreen Analysis post, β€œAll touchscreens are not created equal.”

But, as they say: seeing is believing.

iPhone vs Droid vs Pre vs Nexus One vs Blackberry

For all of you who claim that x is better than the iPhone, how does it feel to be wrong? If you can’t trust your touchscreen device to respond accurately to touch, what good is it? The software is only as good as the hardware it’s running on, my friends.

Watch this:

Enjoy your crow. πŸ˜‰

Is Your Mobile Device Making You Less Productive?

According to a newly-released study, that mobile device in your hand is likely stressing you out, and making you LESS productive! Most of us who are power users tend to think that our iPhones and Blackberry’s help us be more efficient, and get more done. Sadly, that isn’t always the case for some people.

Look at it this way: if you are one of those power people who have to constantly check your phone, how much time are you taking away from your actual work? Instead of a simple task taking twenty minutes to finish, it can take more than an hour. The gadget on your desk is pulling you – you’re constantly checking it to make sure you aren’t missing anything. Instead of actually focusing on your work and helping you get things done, the phone is instead causing your tasks to take even longer. This can stress you out, because you know you aren’t finishing things on time.

For those of you who may recognize yourself in this, you should take a step back. Turn your device off when you start that next spreadsheet or Google doc. Don’t turn it on (or even look at it!) again until you complete your task. Try setting aside specific times during the day to check for new messages, tweets and updates. Once that allotted time is up, turn the gadget back off again.

Don’t let your need to stay in the loop get in the way of getting your job done. I really don’t want to read one day that someone has gotten themselves fired for spending too much time staying connected… and not enough time actually being productive. Sadly, I have a feeling this is already happening around the world. Our jobs demand that we are always accessible… yet they get angry if they feel we spend too much time reading the latest news or emails from coworkers. How are we supposed to find balance?

What is Qik?

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Traci Toguchi was kind enough to cover CES for us over the past several days. She attended sessions, parties, and product release events. During this interview, Traci is talking with Rishi Mallik, Senior Manager of Business Development for Qik. Rishi was excited to talk to us about the new Qik-in-Touch desktop application. Thanks so much to Daynah for working the Vado 3 that Creative provided to Traci for this conference.

Stay in touch with the people you are following on Qik. Watch their videos instantly on your desktop the moment they go live! Sign in using your Qik username, and see what your friends are doing. Likewise, as soon as you Qik a video of your own, it will show up on your friends’ desktops automagically!

Qik now supports over 140 different phones, including the Blackberry! Be sure to check out the website to see if Qik will work with your phone!

Want to embed this video on your own site, blog, or forum? Use this code or download the video:

New Year’s Resolutions with a Twist

While you’re making your list of resolutions this year, why not add in some of a different nature? If you’ve been “meaning” to have more of a presence on the various social media networks, why not turn that into a resolution? Resolve to send out a particular number of thought-provoking tweets per day. Decide how often you will be able to update your various site profiles, and stick to it!

People want to know what you’re up to. I know, I know… you’re busy. I am, as well! But it’s critical these days to have an active presence on the various social media sites if you’re any kind of social Geek. You have to keep yourself – and your community – updated. Don’t just post about your dinner, either. People want to know what’s really going on in that head of yours!

Commit yourself to not only blogging yourself, but to reading what others have done. There are a lot of excellent findings right within our own community, if only you make the time to look!

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Education is the Key

I was happy to read on Geeks today that community member Steve has obtained his GED. I’ve often talked in the past about how important an education is. These days, you cannot get any type of job if you’re over 18 years old and don’t possess a high school diploma or GED. There are college graduates who hold a Bachelor’s degree competing for the same entry-level positions that everyone else is hoping to land.

The economy sucks, plain and simple. People who have had job security for many years are suddenly finding themselves at the front of the proverbial unemployment line. These are hard working people who have many years’ worth of experience doing whatever it is they do. Yet, they’re out there pounding the pavement because their company – and job – has dried up.

Having an education is more critical now than ever. Even if you feel you aren’t the “school type”, I urge you to go. Get a degree. Research what jobs are hiring in your area, and focus on that. Look at what types of jobs are trending in the country you live in, and build on that (and your talents!). Whatever you do – stay in school, or get your GED.

Congratulations, Steve! Our whole community is proud of you.

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Missing Sync for BlackBerry Review

When Traci told me that she was having issues with managing her BlackBerry, I suggested taking a look at the Missing Sync solution. While I’ve never owned a BlackBerry, I’ve been pretty impressed with what MarkSpace has done with their other products. Indeed, Traci gave ‘er a fair shake:

From installation to synchronization, Missing Sync 2.0.2 for BlackBerry has been easy to use, quick, and smooth.

Although sometimes a bit frustrating to read, the dialogue box provides frequent pertinent messages, as well as “suggestions.”

The automated Bluetooth sync (followed by an initial USB connection) is fabulous.

Not being able to sync email (nor get Research In Motion [RIM] updates) is not ideal, however, this is a powerful tool for syncing everything else that is important on the device.

As a BlackBerry user for three years, I can appreciate an easy and quick way to sync data between my device and computer.

When I decided to go bi-operating systems, using my Mac for most of my work, I relied on PocketMac for BlackBerry (still needing to sync using my PC to receive RIM updates). As what you may read on the Internet, PocketMac doesn’t offer an ideal synchronization experience.

After finally upgrading my BlackBerry 8700g to the Tour 9630, I was faced with the same dilemma.

Outlook spoiled me, and using Entourage has been comparable to using PocketMac. Do I use this as an excuse and opportunity to finally change my email client?

During an electronic dialogue with Chris, I explained my situation, and he offered me to try Missing Sync.

I thought it would be great to allow Missing Sync to help me with transitioning to Mac OS X’s built-in email client (I didn’t discuss my grandiose plans with Chris by the way).

My problem was my “skimming” rather than “reading” the directives. About everything else (calendar, call log, music, photos) synced with “success,” but my contacts. Attempts to synchronize contacts from my device with Mac Contacts yielded no apparent results. Call it late night scurrying. For some reason, looking at the option to override data seemed like another viable option.

Major whoopsie.

I wiped out data from my device and had a cute couple of contacts placed in my device from my Mac Contacts. Yeah.

After breaks away from the computer and device, I checked out other options and found I could sync with Entourage. I had to go through the process multiple times before my contact data was completely restored, but I didn’t mind.

I recommend Missing Sync with a disclaimer to “read” the directives. πŸ™‚