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Happy Birthday Video

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When is your birthday? Mine was on Sunday, and a I had a few friends over to celebrate. We had some excellent food, great conversation – and tons of fun working on building my LEGO Death Star. What’s your most memorable birthday? What about your ideal birthday? I have to say this was definitely my ideal for a perfect celebration.

I was joined by a few friends for this auspicious occasion. Michelle has done a few game review videos for us recently, so I’m sure you remember her. Mona has been helping me and the rest of the team put things together for Gnomedex. Ellen is another friend who stopped by for a few hours.

And of course, I was lucky to have my friend Traci lead the birthday singing via Skype! Doesn’t she have an amazing voice?!

I won’t be telling all of you what I wished for, because then it won’t come true. Let’s just say… if it does, it’ll be awesome!

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Birthdays are Better on the Internet

My birthday was quite stressful (working on Gnomedex and Lockergnome stuff), but it was also very fun. The Internet has changed the way I celebrate my birthday, wholly. Buddies from a variety of social networks have been sending their best wishes throughout the day (ICQ, Skype, FaceBook, MySpace, etc.). It’s been overwhelming, but in a very nice way. If you were awake last night, you may have seen this happen in my home office – as captured by one of my Australian friends. Ponzi tried to coordinate everyone in chat to sing “happy birthday” at the same time.

I think it worked, for the most part:

So, thanks to everyone who passed along pleasantries!

I Got My Birthday Present Early

I’m always grateful for gifts, but I do have a few guidelines for family members who ASK ME WHAT I WOULD RATHER HAVE. I do have a running list of stuff I’d like to have but would never actually purchase for myself – and I also have a list of things that I would much rather purchase for myself:

  • Socks
  • Shoes
  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • CDs / DVDs
  • Software
  • Food
  • Books

There are also things I never would have expected to receive from anybody in a million years…

In other words: I was iPwnd by my own wife.

Tiffany Diamond Earrings

The ol’ song says that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I believe that the entire diamond industry is a racket, and I can’t wait for synthetic diamonds to sweep in and drive prices down. I’m sure our female faves will still lust after the real thing. Nobody’s going to ask you if the diamonds are artificial or not, and if they even have to ask – they can’t see the difference, anyway! We’re not talking about cubic zirconia here. The man-made diamond trade is long overdue for men in love with women in love with diamonds.

Ponzi sang happy birthday to herself this morning. Of course, she does that every morning – but she really means it every year on August 1st. I was using our new digital megastore to search for diamond earrings. I found a few that I really liked – and from that list, I went seeking a local Tiffany’s store. She’s wanted diamond earrings from the dawn of time, ya know.

Ponzi's Birthday Diamond Earrings (1)Ponzi's Birthday Diamond Earrings (2)They’re not gigantic, but Ponzi’s now the proud owner of a pair of diamond earrings from Tiffany’s. They really sparkle, man. Great cut, great clarity, great color – and “great” won’t begin to describe the bill we’re going to see from the credit card company at the end of the month. Oy!

My Birthday

Just like I wrote earlier… it’s my birthday. Birthdays are fun, aren’t they? On my fifth birthday, I got to fly around in a Cessna plane above the city of Des Moines, IA (thinking I wanted to become a pilot). On my sixth birthday, my parents hired a magician (thinking I wanted to become a prestidigitator). On my seventh birthday, I don’t remember much because someone spiked the fruit punch (just kidding, but wouldn’t that make a wonderful story for the grandkids). On my eighth birthday, I stopped keeping track of my birthdays as I was quickly becoming… an “old man.â€Â? Remember the days when “21” was old? Neither do I – and they say that memory is the first thing to go. The only thing I want this year is a bigger chest.