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Bing for iPhone Turns Search Beautiful

Bing is trying hard to become your default search engine on the iPhone. It certainly is gorgeous to look at. It looks a lot like an app does with simple menu buttons at the bottom. These include things like local, maps, directions and favorites. You’ll find smooth scrolling within maps and love feasting your eyes on the background photo. It looks fabulous on the iPhone screen display.

The “locate me” feature works flawlessly. I’ve heard of others having difficulty with the Google equivalent. With Bing, it locates you immediately and puts that information to good use when suggesting local entertainment and dining. The results are listed in the order of proximity to your exact location. For every listing, there’s a phone icon so you can quickly call the establishment. There’s also a link to open up directions in Maps to help you find your way there. Favorites is also pretty cool. You can select a couple at a time and show them side-by-side, get directions to all of them or email a list to your friends.

Bing is not the default search engine for the iPhone, but it is a default option. Are you thinking of using it as your main go-to page?

Is Bing Coming to the iPhone?

According to a report at TechCrunch, Bing may soon be the search engine found on the iPhone. Google has held that honor since the iPhone first launched, but their relationship with Apple is strained. “There’s been speculation around Google’s future on the iPhone since last year when the first public spat broke out between the companies over the Google Voice app for the iPhone. Android’s continued gains in market share only highlight Google’s direct competition with Apple, and the fact that so many core iPhone apps, including search and maps, are controlled by Google, has been a sore point with Apple.”

There are rumors that Google has been paying a stiff fee to Apple all of this time for exclusive search engine rights and ad serving. If that is the case, I’m sure Microsoft offered a nice sum to Apple in order for them to make the switch.

Even though Steve Ballmer himself is apparently not attending WWDC, it’s likely we’ll see someone from the company on the stage during the event. It’s pretty much a given that they’ll be discussing Microsoft Office for the Mac. It’s always possible that we may get to see Silverlight on the iPad. It also now seems as though we’ll be hearing about Bing moving onto the iPhone. Like all of you, we’ll be waiting to see what announcements the conference brings.